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KRS Andy Reid Already Gave Ya’ll The Blueprint


Wow it’s the next day and I’m still stunned, I was pretty much expecting to wake up only to find out that I dreamed the game last night. There was no way the Eagles minus McNabb would be able to make a game out of this, but not only did they make me watch the entire game but they really should of won this game if not for those 2 bad throws by A.J. Feeley. To get a sense of how shocking this near W is for the Eagles, look at the spread ( 24 point spread ) but just looking isn’t enough, what you need to do now is see how many people still would bet on the Pats with a 24 point spread, which is just insane both in how many people do and how comfortable they are with it. The fact of the matter is people are expecting the Pats to not just beat but destroy everyone and let’s face it the Eagles aren’t that good, but you damn sure wouldn’t know that from watching the game last night.

Right before the game started my friends and I were joking but in the yeah we are laughing but we aren’t really joking type of way and the joke starts out about the spread and morphs into us blowing up the spread and making our own, 28-0 Pats at the end of the first quarter we said and we believed it, especially after A.J.’s first throw. We just said it would be 28-0 at the end of the first quarter and no one flinched or even looked a little surprised. The Newark Star-Ledger’s football handicappers said they would of take the Pats favored by 33, really no one expected the Eagles to even keep it close but somehow Andy Reid drew up a game plan that might not of technically won them the game, but might help someone else beat them, and if you ask me the Eagles at least deserve an automatic playoff berth just for keeping us all interested and almost winning the game. You know how they say almost isn’t enough well here it damn well should be, seriously give the Eagles the rest of the season off and an automatic wild card berth cause really they earned it last night.

Now the question is how did they do it ? The answer is really easier than I thought, first off the Pats D is very flawed there are holes everywhere, problem is they jump out to such big early leads they force you to take risks you normally wouldn’t do thus causing turnover after turnover and bad play after bad play. A.J. Feeley didn’t get phased by the first pick, he knew he could beat that D as long as the Eagles D could keep them in the game. To best realize what happened here I’m gonna take you back a couple years, to Feb. 2002 when the Patriots beat the Rams for their first Super Bowl, remember how everyone thought the Rams ( the greatest show on turf Rams ) would win by 40, after all that was the best offense ever ( I’m being a bit sarcastic but at the time people strongly believed that ) and the Patriots, who were the Patriots ? Well I remember telling this kid I know, who is a big Rams fan, that the Patriots would win the game, he didn’t believe me. I broke it down for him, I said the Patriots are gonna get physical at the line and maul and jam the receivers, they will have their safeties play over the top to take away the big plays, they are gonna blitz from any and all angles so the QB can never be comfortable in the pocket and can’t bounce out of it because the pocket is collapsing on them. They will show them different formations with different blitzes and similar formations with different blitzes. The jamming of the receivers is crucial even if the receiver gets by, the timing between the receiver and QB is already off and by now the blitz should be forcing the QB’s hand. As we all saw I turned out to be right and thats exactly what they did, this was Bellicick’s game plan to beat one of the best offenses anyone has seen and apparently Andy Reid was smarter than everyone else by straight jacking that same game plan for how to beat the new best offense ever, and who better to figure out how to beat it then Bellicick. Now don’t get it twisted I still think it was genius of Andy Reid and shocked someone else didn’t already think of it and you have to give Reid all the credit for the offensive game plan as well. He had Feeley ready to play and had a solid game plan for him to effectively spread the ball around and move the ball up and down the field, still got to question that last play that led to the pick on 1st down in field goal range but like I said before here almost is good enough, it has to be.

So while you keep hearing all week that Andy Reid laid down the blueprint on how to possibly beat the Patriots just remember Bellicick is really the one who provided the blueprint, he was just hoping the NFL destroyed those tapes along with the “spygate” tapes.



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Look Into The Crystal Ball Pt. 2



East – Maybe not quite as much as a lock as the AFC East but theres still little to no chance the COWBOYS don’t win this division and go on to face the Packers in the NFC Championship but that would be me getting a bit ahead of myself wouldn’t it ? Good thing it doesn’t matter cause the NFC is a joke.

South – This division is nothing like what most experts and non experts ( like me ) thought it would be. Everyone was still riding the Saints bandwagon and predicting the BUCS would be among the worst in the league, but Tampa is clearly the class of this division.

North – OK obviously Brett is back and playing as good as ever, but where has he been the last couple years ? Same spot, problem was Donald Driver was his only real weapon, last year he started to get comfortable with Jennings now he seems even more comfortable going to either Jennings, James Jones or TE Donal Lee than Driver. The defense is for real as I have been telling you since the beginning of the season and with only 1 lose the PACKERS are coasting to the division title, first week bye and like I said before, the NFC Championship against the Cowboys, only question is where it will be played ?

West – This one is closer than I originally thought but overall the SEAHAWKS are clearly the best team in the division, if the Cardinals had a real QB playing ( and no Leinart does not count ) then I might be willing to pick them but relying on Kurt Warner to get it done… thats so 1999.


GIANTS – And believe me it was painful to write, all the Giants fans I know are convinced they are going to the Super Bowl and it drives me nuts. Your avg. Giants fan is among the most delusional people you will ever come across, some of them have been trying convince me Eli is better than Peyton, which of course leads to me saying Eli isn’t better than ME so how’s he gonna be better than Peyton, either way it doesn’t matter the Giants did what they were supposed to do and beat those scrub teams early in the year and the NFC is so weak that they are realistically a top 6 team in the NFC, of course would be like 12th in the AFC but w/e w/e w/e.

CARDINALS – Remember what I said before about Kurt Warner and not relying on him to get you anywhere ? You think I’m wavering from that statement, maybe contradicting myself a little bit ? Well I’m not, it’s just I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not yet but the NFC is really really bad and I was gonna pick the Lions but then I watched them play the Giants the other day and well, nuff said.


LIONS – And really I wanted them to make the playoffs I really thought it was possible, but good god did they look awful against the Giants. I’m sure they will bounce back with a couple offensive explosions and match it with their surprisingly good defense, but the schedule gets tougher for them and if they had that much trouble at home against the Giants then it stands to reason it’s only gonna get worse against the likes of the Packers, Cowboys, Chargers and Chiefs.

REDSKINS – Injuries have decimated this team and it’s a shame I was hoping they could win the division and shut up those Giants and Cowboys fans but between early o-line problems and their now depleted secondary they have too many holes to fill, but the good news the team is much better than most thought and Jason Campbell looks like he has a bright future if they can find him some weapons who can stay on the field.


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Look Into The Crystal Ball


And I will show you who will make the playoffs and who will just miss out


East – I’ll let you tell it, you think it will be the Dolphins ? I didn’t think so, this is a lock for the PATS. They could lose the rest of their games and probably still win the division

South – This may shock some of you but I’m not picking the Colts. Now if Marvin Harrison comes back fully healthy before their game against Jacksonville then they probably will still win the division but you can clearly tell Peyton misses his favorite receiver, so as long as Garrard stays healthy I would expect the JAGS to beat them next week and probably only lose 1 game the rest of the way, leaving the Colts to settle for a wild card spot.

North – I’m still dumbfounded as to how the Browns are 6 – 4 and only a game out of first in their division, problem for them is thats as far as they can get with the STEELERS having already beat them twice this season, therefore they hold any tiebreaker, and while looking at Cleveland’s schedule it does seem possible for them to run the table, that is still unlikely and probably the only way they win the division as the Steelers shouldn’t lose more than 2 games the rest of the year.

West – The Broncos seemed determined to put up a fight. Just a couple weeks ago I would of said they were dead and buried, now it seems they have been dug up but they are still dead if you ask me. The CHARGERS clearly aren’t near the same team as last year but they are still by far the best team in this avg. division.

Wild Cards

COLTS – Again this all depends Marvin Harrison and his knee, if he can come back and be effective within a week or 2 they could save the division and the Jags would be the wild card here, but I promise both these teams make the playoffs ( barring any MAJOR injuries of course )

BROWNS – Wow, I actually just typed that, whats even more shocking is how confident I am in this pick. I will actually be shocked if the Browns don’t make the playoffs, hold on a second did someone flip the earth off it’s axis ? The Browns schedule is as follows ( Houston, @ Arizona, @ Jets, Buffalo, @ Cinn., San Fran ) so you figure 2 losses at most puts them @ 10-6. Theres only 1 other team left in the AFC I think has a shot @ 10-6 and they have a tougher schedule and and missing some key players due to injury.


TITANS – Last year they started out really slow and picked it up at the end and just missed the playoffs, this year will be the opposite. They started out surprising people, everyone ( myself included ) were shocked to see just how good the defense was and how strong the O-line was. Only problem is Vince Young seems to be regressing a bit, still crazy dangerous but needs a lot of improvement. However the bigger problem is Albert Haynsworth being injured, because that guy is a beast and clogs up the running lanes for their opponents. The Titans will finish 9-7 and like I said just miss the playoffs for the second year in a row, as they still have possible losses coming from the likes of the Colts, Chargers and @ the Chiefs.

BILLS – Started off the year looking terrible and decimated by injuries, but have turned it around since then. Assuming Lynch can come back ASAP the Bills will be another team just left out in the cold with a 9-7 record.

BRONCOS – They might have found a way to finally slow down the opposing running game but they did it too late, they also miss Javon walker as Cutler needs more than just Brandon Marshall to throw too, they too will finish 9-7.

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Week 11 Picks


The boy is back with his picks for the week, I know my record isn’t all that great. I had a rough start, I misjudged some teams and even continued to misjudge them week after week, no more I got this ish figured out, well for the most part at least. If you looking for some extra cake take my advice this week I know I’m betting a lot this week, someone’s got lawyer bills to be paid.

Giants – 3 @ Lions – Lions

There you happy Jamz ? I can’t continue to think of this team as the same old Lions cause every time I do they go out and beat the brakes off of someone. The defense is improving weekly and that offense is among the most dangerous in the league. The Giants only key in this game is if they can get to Kitna before he throws the ball, otherwise he will make that secondary pay all day long. On offense expect the Giants to pound it with Jacobs all day but will that be enough to win a shootout ? I don’t think so

Steelers – 9 1/2 @ Jets – Steelers

A 9 1/2 point underdog at HOME, whats not to love ? O thats right it’s the Jets at home vs. the Steelers, which will also be known as the Willie Parker show when it’s all said and done, Kellen Clemens no doubt is an upgrade over Chad but you will see the kid in him this week as the Steelers blitz packages will rattle and confuse him all day, it’s all good though what better practice.

Browns – 2 1/2 @ Ravens – Browns

The Browns are just too good for the Ravens. * pinches self * Nope I’m not dreaming I really said that, wow. The ravens D scares no one anymore ( unless you see Ray Lewis in a dark alley or something then be afraid be very afraid ) and their offense is even worse. The Browns offense on the other hand has been killing them out there and I see no reason why it stops this week other than the fact that I’m betting on them.

Bucs – 3 @ Falcons – Bucs

The Bucs are among the most underrated teams in the league, no one wants to take them seriously but if you ask me they are no doubt a top 10 team. People think it’s just Garcia getting lucky or something but it’s all about their D. People don’t realize that they have the 6th ranked D in football, only giving up 286 yards per game meanwhile the Falcons have the 27th ranked offense. Tampa is gonna continue to win and get into the playoffs get used to it.

Rams – 3 @ 49ers – Rams

The Rams offense is finally starting to look like what we thought they were and at the same time San Fransisco just seems to be getting worse and worse every week and no matter how bad Alex smith has looked Trent Dilfer sure isn’t doing them any good either. Good thing the league punished the Pats by taking away their first round pick since the Pats will get a top 3 pick anyway that originally belong to the 49ers.

Bears + 5 1/2 @ Seahawks – Seahawks

O how the mighty have fallen. The Bears D isn’t stopping anyone anymore and Griese or Grosman does it really matter ? Hasselbeck will spread the ball around too much for the Bears D to make big plays and they won’t be able to keep up with Seattle.

Titans + 2 @ Broncos – Titans

Tenn. does one thing well on offense and thats run the ball, just so happens the Broncos have the worst run defense in the NFL, so what do you think will happen ? Add to this how good the Titans D has been and the fact that I’m not convinced Cutler’s leg is ok I’m a place big money, big money, no whammies on this game.


Patriots – 16 @ Bills – Bills

Yeah I said it, and of course I feel comfortable cause of the spread but real talk I think this is the week. Everyone seems convinced that now that they beat the Colts they will easily coast to 16-0 but hold up cause these Bills are much better than people are giving them credit for, especially their D. Will they be able to apply enough pressure to rattle Brady, probably not but again the Bills are gonna come out ready to play the game of their life and shock everyone, after all this is how life in the NFL works.

* disclaimer this pick really depends on if Marshawn Lynch is playing or not, if not they still might cover but probably won’t win, they need him to run all day and eat up the clock to keep the Brady’s off the field. *


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Week 7 Picks


So I’m a little late with my picks this week, normally I try and get them up by Friday but seeing as how I was sleeping the entire day that wasn’t exactly possible, but I made sure to get them done today so if anyone wants to check them out before tomorrows games they can.

Bengals – 6 1/2 @ Jets – Bengals

Honestly both these teams are terrible right now, but the Jets shouldn’t be able to keep up with the Bengals offense, of course that’s probably giving the Bengals D too much credit but someone has to win the game right ? Of course what will probably happen is Chad will throw 350 + 4 TD’s and lead the Jets to a win so that he holds onto his job for the remainder of the yea. The Jets need to see what the kid Clemens has so maybe Chad gets roughed up and needs to be pulled, maybe thats what Mangini needs to make the decision for him, either way if Chad stays in past half-time expect the Bengals to pull out a W.

Cardinals + 8 1/2 @ Redskins – Redskins

Normally I would run from an 8 1/2 pt. line but it still looks like Tim Rattay will be starting against the Skins D and I don’t expect him to have much success. Redskins o-line is banged up so the Cardinals D should cause them some problems but they should have no problems winning big this week and even if Warner does start as you saw last week it’s only a matter of time until he gets hurt, yet again.

Ravens – 3 @ Bills – Ravens

Ravens are banged up all over the team right now, it will probably show but the Bills are bad which will show even more.

Tampa Bay + 2 1/2 @ Detroit – Bucs

I might regret this one but I doubt it. The Lions have cooled off now that they are finally playing some tough teams and the Bucs are for real, at least as far as the NFC goes and actually giving Tampa the 2 points 1/2 is too much for me to pass up ( although this does have one of those it seems like Vegas wants you to pick Tampa for some reason we don’t know I still can’t resist )

Chiefs + 2 1/2 @ Raiders – Chiefs

I’m sold on the Chiefs I think they are for real. Sure they got issues with Damon Huard as their QB but LJ is coming around Bowe and Tony Gonzalez are catching everything and the Defense is playing great, meanwhile the Raiders are not playing so great, probably has something to do with them being the Raiders and all.

Steelers – 3 1/2 @ Denver – Steelers

I see no reason why the Broncos can win this game ( except for the fact that I just said that on record ) The Steelers are better then them in every way except for starting cornerbacks but it’s still questionable if Champ Bailey will play, if he doesn’t this game won’t even be close as the Steelers will be able to pass as well as run all over the field, either way look for Willie Parker to rack up close to if not over 200 yards and the Steelers to make this another boring Sunday Night game.


Colts – 3 @ Jags – Jags

I know this may seem crazy, but honestly if this game was on Sunday @ 1:00 or 4:00 I’d say it was a lock for the Jags, I’m a little worried Peyton won’t let them lose a Monday Night game on national TV,  but the Colts have to lose sometime right ? Ok maybe it will be against the Patriots but I’m still sticking with the they got to lose some time theory as well so the only team who might beat the Pats is the Colts, who also won’t go undefeated meaning someone like the Jags or the Titans will be the ones to do it, my guess is it’s Jacksonville this week. Either way I still say the Jags are a top 5 team and with Marvin Harrison still banged up and MJD finally breaking loose the last couple weeks I say this is the week everyone sees it as they knock of the Colts.


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Week 6 In Review


( You better be used to this sight by now, if your not get used to it or stop watching football cause the Patriots aren’t stopping for anyone anytime soon )

~ So I guess it’s official, the Jets are terrible or really Pennington is terrible, please Mangini bench him for the kid Clemens I can’t stomach to watch another hanging floater.

~ Adrian Peterson beat Devin Hester yesterday in the battle of the one man offense, seriously if both of these guys were hurt or missed the game these teams would still be held to a scoreless tie. * daps all other A.D. ( All Day ) owners, grabbing him with the second pick in my keeper league looks smarter and smarter every week, stops patting self on back *

~ The Rams = the worst team in the NFL and if that wasn’t enough they also have the most fantasy busts so far. ( Jackson, Bulger and Holt )

~ Tales of the demise of the Ravens D have been greatly exaggerated, with Rolle back at corner the D can get agressive with their blitzs again and cause all types of havoc for the opposing QB, their offense however is a joke, how can anyone not move the ball up and down the field against that awful Rams defense ?

~ Browns and Dolphins erupt into a shoot-out, really this speaks volumes about each teams D, but the Browns as a team are bordering on legit right now…. Did I really just type that……smh……

~ I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the Packers beat the Redskins, The Redskins D keeps impressing more and more, only 2 TD passes all year and not 1 pass play of over 20 yards unfortunitely for them Santana Moss was a little confused as to who he was playing for, his tipped pass that led to an interception and fumble that was returned for a TD was the difference in the game.

~ What has happened to the Bengals, even the offense is struggling, the o-line just kept getting punished on Sunday, Housh however is not struggling as he stakes his claim as a top 5 receiver, but the rest of the team doesn’t look like they are on the same page, Palmer and Chad can’t seem to figure each other out, the running game has disappeared the D is terrible, fortunitely for the Bengals they get a cure this week as they get to play the Jets at home, and for some reason Mangini is staying with Pennington, have I mentioned I think thats a bad idea.

~ Tamp Bay beat the Titans on a late field goal, considering Kerry Collins was playing a chunk of the game at QB for the Titans, shouldn’t this go down as a loss for the Bucs and a win for the Titans, I mean it is Kerry Collins doesn’t his team deserve to be spotted some points ( Although I guess if Vinny Testerverde can get a win Kerry Collins should be able to as well )

~ Jacksonville is a top 5 team right now and the NFL’s Ommpa Loompa ( Maurice Jones-Drew ) is back.

~ So after Leinart went down I was telling everyone Warner would be a good fantasy pick up and would really boost Fitzgerald’s value since all he can do is throw it deep, some people stopped listening to me at that point and therefore missed the part where I said, of course don’t go making any drastic moves for either of them because it is only a matter of time before the pocket collapses on the statuesque QB and he breaks any and or every bone is his body, but even I thought he would last more than 1 quarter.

~ Vinny Testerverde came back at a ripe young age of 43 and with 3 days to learn the playbook somehow he started out 8 for 8 and somehow managed to have a decent game and pull out the W. * sees pig’s flying and hell freezing over * Vinny better thank his old schoolmate Jesus he has Steve Smith to chuck it to because he is the only thing saving that offense.

~ Can anyone think of any reasons the Patriots don’t go 16-0 if they can beat the Colts in Indy in a couple of weeks, cause besides death to Brady I can’t think of anything, if they beat the Colts in Indy those old school Dolphins better just go ahead and murk themselves because their existence will become meaningless.

~ L.T. is back to being L.T. ( no not smoking crack rocks, not that L.T. ) dominating fantasy player and carrying his offense to victories. The AFC West is theirs to lose, despite Norv Turner and his best attempts to destroy this team.

~ Brees and Bush looked impressive, but hold up it was against the inconsistent Seahawks D, and they are way overrated if you ask me. Yeah the numbers look good but every time I watch them I see teams have little trouble moving the ball up and down the field.

~ Everyone practically killing yourselves to jump on the Giants bandwagon, better be careful cause it’s not worth the risk, your only gonna be risking your life trying to jump off in a month or so. Yeah they won 4 in a row only 1 of them was against a decent team and I still can’t figure out how they won that game ( redskins ) then they beat the Eagles, Jets and Falcons and they really should of lost to the Jets, the Giants got very lucky the past couple weeks and have 2 more very easy games coming up next but after that prepare to see the real Giants team show up after their bye week, just remember be careful not to hurt yourself jumping off the bandwagon.


1) Patriots

2) Colts

3) Steelers

4) Cowboys

5) Jaguars

6) Chargers

7) Packers

8) Titans

9) Bucs

10) Chiefs ( yeah I said it )


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Week 6 Picks


Bengals – 3 @ Kansas City – Chiefs

The Bengals should really be able to win this game but I don’t trust them. Their defense is terrible, theres no reason to expect anything but huge games from Larry Johnson, Dwayne Bowe ( who by the way should be owned in every fantasy league weeks ago ) and Tony Gonzalez, and as shocking as it may be to some Kansas City has a really solid defense especially a strong secondary, which could potentially cause Carson and company some problems. On top of all this Rudi Johnson still hasn’t been practicing and the game is in Kansas City where the Chiefs enjoy one of the loudest stadiums and most difficult for opposing teams to play in, and somehow the Bengals are still favored, go with the home underdog here.

Houston + 6 1/2 @  Jacksonville – Jaguars

Now this is starting to look like the defense I expected the Jag’s to have. I was floored by their poor performance against the Titans in week 1 giving up 170 + yards on the ground, I thought they were back to being the classic under achievers, or the Panhers of the AFC as I call them, but it seems like they finally got this figured out, plus now David Garrard is making Jack Del Rio look both genius and stupid ( genius for making the move to Garrard, stupid for waiting so long to make it final ) Dennins Northcutt has been rejuvenated, MJD finally got on track last week and Houston is banged up still missing Andre Johnson and Schaub has to face the toughest secondary he has faced all year, Kris Brown won’t be able to save them this week, Jag’s win this easy.

Miami + 4 1/2 @ Cleveland – Browns ( yeah I said it )

Ok there were a couple teams I was real hard on at the beginning of the year that I turned out to be way wrong about, like the Titans and the Redskins, but I must say the biggest surprise is the Browns. They keep playing decent to good football and I keep brushing it off and ignoring it cause well, they are the Browns. However they have looked pretty good, mostly against bad teams granted but what do they have this week ? Possibly the worst team in the league, and with Cleo Lemon as the starting QB. Listen if you have to bet on a game in which one of the starting QB’s name is Lemon, don’t waste any time go make a bet, a big bet on whoever the hell he is playing. Of course now that I said this on record and with this being the NFL and all, Cleo Lemon will probably throw for 300 + 3 TD’s and the Dolphins get their first win, hey it’s possible I mean they are still playing the Browns.

Minnesota + 5 1/2 @ Chicago –  Bears

I’m tempted to go with the Vikings because I can’t stand the thought of putting money on Brian Griese but that would mean I’d be putting money on Tavaris Jackson or is it Kelly Holcomb this week, or does it matter either way, no thanks. Cedric benson will go nowhere but then again when does he ever get anywhere, however that Vikings secondary is beatable, look for Greg Olsen to run through that secondary for big plays all day Sunday afternoon.

Tennessee + 3 @ Tampa Bay – Titans

Like I said before I was dead wrong about the Titans this year, but I figured that out weeks ago. Tampa Bay is a bit of a mystery still, they had looked real strong so far this year, but the competition wasn’t that good so were they for real ? Well they got pimp slapped back to reality last week by the injury depleted Colts but everyone should of seen that coming especially with Cadillac and Petitguot (sp? ) out. This week probably won’t help us too much either cause the Titans should win the game rather easily, however if Garcia can have a big day against this defense people are really gonna be forced to pay attention to Tampa the rest of the way.

Washington + 3 @ Green Bay – Redskins

Anyone who watched the second half of last Sunday’s night game saw the wheels start to come off of the suddenly over crowded Packers bandwagon. Yeah the biggest problem was James Jones inability to hold onto the ball thanks to Charles Tillman but once things started to go a little bad they quickly got worse and worse. Farve started to unwind making a couple of bad decisions and when he threw that god awful I don’t even know what to call it but I damn sure won’t call it a pass, to Urlacher you knew the game was over. Don’t be surprised if this is the start of a mini slump, the Packers are still one of the better teams in that weak NFC but they are gonna have weeks like last one when they just don’t have it all together and I expect this week to be one of them as the Redskins will continue to surprise people, Jason Campbell is gonna be one hell of a QB the sooner the rest of the league figures this out the better we will all be.

New England – 5 1/2 @ Dallas – Patriots

Do I still have to explain and justify why I’d take the Patriots every week, isn’t the fact that they are have Tom Brady and Randy Moss and o yeah they are the Patriots enough for everyone. No, ok well then how bout this, did you see the Cowboys play the Bills last week ? Yes I believe it was an random act not likely to be duplicated again but the Patriots D is only a couple millions times better than the Bills and o yeah by the way so is there offense, If Romo gives up 6 turnovers this week they lose by 70. Still not convinced, go watch another sport, ok but seriously Dallas biggest weakness is their secondary watch Brady hit Welker underneath all day to set up the long bombs to Moss. Seriously if the Patriots didn’t have to play the Colts I’d say they are going 16-0, but they do play the Colts and probably won’t go 16-0.

New Orleans + 7 @ Seattle – Seahawks

Have people been watching the Saints, cause unfortunately I have and it’s been painful. The Saints are awful it starts with the defense, but continues with the offense and I see no cure in sight. Without Duece it limits Bush’s effectiveness and makes it even harder on Brees. Brees is getting no protection and you can tell it’s bothering him, he keeps dancing his feet running in circles in the pocket looking downright scared, the Saints have a lot to fix and a long time till it gets done, Seahawks win easy.


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