The Revolution Is Coming


The revolution has been digitized, I’m taking a break from posting while I cook up that e-crack for the fiends. The spot is moving as well, as the revolution will be taking place on a different e-block than here. We decided to join forces to take over the internets with our impeccably hard mad aggressive content. All the regs that you have come to know and love will be holding it down so make sure next week on Dec. 11th, after you cop that new mixtape from the greatest rapper alive ( MOOD MUSIC 3 BITCHES ), to come check us out @, where you will be able waste hours and days of your work day and not even realize you skipped right past lunch and it’s already time to go home.

With numerous posters all talking on different topics with different spins and points of view you will have posts for days to keep you busy, you will enjoy instant hilarity that may lead to several bruises from slamming to the * floor * or require some holes to be dug for all the * dead * bodies Me, Phuque, Greenie, Bkscribe, Rey, landLord, Crazy 88 and I fux will be leaving scattered through out the World Wide Web.



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2 responses to “The Revolution Is Coming

  1. Got a little bit confused while reading :S

  2. newjerseydrive

    what are you confused about ?

    basically what I’m saying is the site has moved to…..but it’s not just me it’s a bunch of my e-fam and I taking the internets over, so everyone better be ready, I’m a do a post linking to alumnah tomorrow to clear it up better

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