KRS Andy Reid Already Gave Ya’ll The Blueprint


Wow it’s the next day and I’m still stunned, I was pretty much expecting to wake up only to find out that I dreamed the game last night. There was no way the Eagles minus McNabb would be able to make a game out of this, but not only did they make me watch the entire game but they really should of won this game if not for those 2 bad throws by A.J. Feeley. To get a sense of how shocking this near W is for the Eagles, look at the spread ( 24 point spread ) but just looking isn’t enough, what you need to do now is see how many people still would bet on the Pats with a 24 point spread, which is just insane both in how many people do and how comfortable they are with it. The fact of the matter is people are expecting the Pats to not just beat but destroy everyone and let’s face it the Eagles aren’t that good, but you damn sure wouldn’t know that from watching the game last night.

Right before the game started my friends and I were joking but in the yeah we are laughing but we aren’t really joking type of way and the joke starts out about the spread and morphs into us blowing up the spread and making our own, 28-0 Pats at the end of the first quarter we said and we believed it, especially after A.J.’s first throw. We just said it would be 28-0 at the end of the first quarter and no one flinched or even looked a little surprised. The Newark Star-Ledger’s football handicappers said they would of take the Pats favored by 33, really no one expected the Eagles to even keep it close but somehow Andy Reid drew up a game plan that might not of technically won them the game, but might help someone else beat them, and if you ask me the Eagles at least deserve an automatic playoff berth just for keeping us all interested and almost winning the game. You know how they say almost isn’t enough well here it damn well should be, seriously give the Eagles the rest of the season off and an automatic wild card berth cause really they earned it last night.

Now the question is how did they do it ? The answer is really easier than I thought, first off the Pats D is very flawed there are holes everywhere, problem is they jump out to such big early leads they force you to take risks you normally wouldn’t do thus causing turnover after turnover and bad play after bad play. A.J. Feeley didn’t get phased by the first pick, he knew he could beat that D as long as the Eagles D could keep them in the game. To best realize what happened here I’m gonna take you back a couple years, to Feb. 2002 when the Patriots beat the Rams for their first Super Bowl, remember how everyone thought the Rams ( the greatest show on turf Rams ) would win by 40, after all that was the best offense ever ( I’m being a bit sarcastic but at the time people strongly believed that ) and the Patriots, who were the Patriots ? Well I remember telling this kid I know, who is a big Rams fan, that the Patriots would win the game, he didn’t believe me. I broke it down for him, I said the Patriots are gonna get physical at the line and maul and jam the receivers, they will have their safeties play over the top to take away the big plays, they are gonna blitz from any and all angles so the QB can never be comfortable in the pocket and can’t bounce out of it because the pocket is collapsing on them. They will show them different formations with different blitzes and similar formations with different blitzes. The jamming of the receivers is crucial even if the receiver gets by, the timing between the receiver and QB is already off and by now the blitz should be forcing the QB’s hand. As we all saw I turned out to be right and thats exactly what they did, this was Bellicick’s game plan to beat one of the best offenses anyone has seen and apparently Andy Reid was smarter than everyone else by straight jacking that same game plan for how to beat the new best offense ever, and who better to figure out how to beat it then Bellicick. Now don’t get it twisted I still think it was genius of Andy Reid and shocked someone else didn’t already think of it and you have to give Reid all the credit for the offensive game plan as well. He had Feeley ready to play and had a solid game plan for him to effectively spread the ball around and move the ball up and down the field, still got to question that last play that led to the pick on 1st down in field goal range but like I said before here almost is good enough, it has to be.

So while you keep hearing all week that Andy Reid laid down the blueprint on how to possibly beat the Patriots just remember Bellicick is really the one who provided the blueprint, he was just hoping the NFL destroyed those tapes along with the “spygate” tapes.



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3 responses to “KRS Andy Reid Already Gave Ya’ll The Blueprint

  1. reythehussein

    Good post, Ty. Props on doing your homework!

    Now maybe you can figure out why Eli Manning plays like he’s colorblind. I’m not a die-hard Giants fan anymore, but my friend Joe almost broke his hand punching something or other after Eli’s 54635th interception.


  2. newjerseydrive

    lmao @ Rey, You wanna know why it’s cause Eli isn’t any good, real talk if he wasn’t a Manning he would of never been a high school QB he wouldn’t of been put in that position if he didn’t come from that family, and the family genes made him decent until college but he wasn’t anything great there either people just assumed cause of the name…the Gaints lost…..

  3. yaboy

    fuck the pats

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