Look Into The Crystal Ball Pt. 2



East – Maybe not quite as much as a lock as the AFC East but theres still little to no chance the COWBOYS don’t win this division and go on to face the Packers in the NFC Championship but that would be me getting a bit ahead of myself wouldn’t it ? Good thing it doesn’t matter cause the NFC is a joke.

South – This division is nothing like what most experts and non experts ( like me ) thought it would be. Everyone was still riding the Saints bandwagon and predicting the BUCS would be among the worst in the league, but Tampa is clearly the class of this division.

North – OK obviously Brett is back and playing as good as ever, but where has he been the last couple years ? Same spot, problem was Donald Driver was his only real weapon, last year he started to get comfortable with Jennings now he seems even more comfortable going to either Jennings, James Jones or TE Donal Lee than Driver. The defense is for real as I have been telling you since the beginning of the season and with only 1 lose the PACKERS are coasting to the division title, first week bye and like I said before, the NFC Championship against the Cowboys, only question is where it will be played ?

West – This one is closer than I originally thought but overall the SEAHAWKS are clearly the best team in the division, if the Cardinals had a real QB playing ( and no Leinart does not count ) then I might be willing to pick them but relying on Kurt Warner to get it done… thats so 1999.


GIANTS – And believe me it was painful to write, all the Giants fans I know are convinced they are going to the Super Bowl and it drives me nuts. Your avg. Giants fan is among the most delusional people you will ever come across, some of them have been trying convince me Eli is better than Peyton, which of course leads to me saying Eli isn’t better than ME so how’s he gonna be better than Peyton, either way it doesn’t matter the Giants did what they were supposed to do and beat those scrub teams early in the year and the NFC is so weak that they are realistically a top 6 team in the NFC, of course would be like 12th in the AFC but w/e w/e w/e.

CARDINALS – Remember what I said before about Kurt Warner and not relying on him to get you anywhere ? You think I’m wavering from that statement, maybe contradicting myself a little bit ? Well I’m not, it’s just I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not yet but the NFC is really really bad and I was gonna pick the Lions but then I watched them play the Giants the other day and well, nuff said.


LIONS – And really I wanted them to make the playoffs I really thought it was possible, but good god did they look awful against the Giants. I’m sure they will bounce back with a couple offensive explosions and match it with their surprisingly good defense, but the schedule gets tougher for them and if they had that much trouble at home against the Giants then it stands to reason it’s only gonna get worse against the likes of the Packers, Cowboys, Chargers and Chiefs.

REDSKINS – Injuries have decimated this team and it’s a shame I was hoping they could win the division and shut up those Giants and Cowboys fans but between early o-line problems and their now depleted secondary they have too many holes to fill, but the good news the team is much better than most thought and Jason Campbell looks like he has a bright future if they can find him some weapons who can stay on the field.



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3 responses to “Look Into The Crystal Ball Pt. 2

  1. Where ya been? Long time no blog? Good to see you back in action (and the requisite n/h) Holla at cha folks. Oh yeah, nice predictions, but I think the Lions and Cards flip flop in the wildcard standings.

  2. newjerseydrive

    @ Dsuper – yeah I did some slacking between court dates and other nonsense but the boy is back and will be dropping posts much more frequently

    also I wouldn’t be shocked if the Lions made it instead of the Cardinals but they will have to be thousands of times better than they were last week against the Giants

  3. Big Homie

    SMH…Skins are over. Giants, Vikings, Cowboys

    Even with Jason not injured.

    Damnit!! What up Ty?

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