Look Into The Crystal Ball


And I will show you who will make the playoffs and who will just miss out


East – I’ll let you tell it, you think it will be the Dolphins ? I didn’t think so, this is a lock for the PATS. They could lose the rest of their games and probably still win the division

South – This may shock some of you but I’m not picking the Colts. Now if Marvin Harrison comes back fully healthy before their game against Jacksonville then they probably will still win the division but you can clearly tell Peyton misses his favorite receiver, so as long as Garrard stays healthy I would expect the JAGS to beat them next week and probably only lose 1 game the rest of the way, leaving the Colts to settle for a wild card spot.

North – I’m still dumbfounded as to how the Browns are 6 – 4 and only a game out of first in their division, problem for them is thats as far as they can get with the STEELERS having already beat them twice this season, therefore they hold any tiebreaker, and while looking at Cleveland’s schedule it does seem possible for them to run the table, that is still unlikely and probably the only way they win the division as the Steelers shouldn’t lose more than 2 games the rest of the year.

West – The Broncos seemed determined to put up a fight. Just a couple weeks ago I would of said they were dead and buried, now it seems they have been dug up but they are still dead if you ask me. The CHARGERS clearly aren’t near the same team as last year but they are still by far the best team in this avg. division.

Wild Cards

COLTS – Again this all depends Marvin Harrison and his knee, if he can come back and be effective within a week or 2 they could save the division and the Jags would be the wild card here, but I promise both these teams make the playoffs ( barring any MAJOR injuries of course )

BROWNS – Wow, I actually just typed that, whats even more shocking is how confident I am in this pick. I will actually be shocked if the Browns don’t make the playoffs, hold on a second did someone flip the earth off it’s axis ? The Browns schedule is as follows ( Houston, @ Arizona, @ Jets, Buffalo, @ Cinn., San Fran ) so you figure 2 losses at most puts them @ 10-6. Theres only 1 other team left in the AFC I think has a shot @ 10-6 and they have a tougher schedule and and missing some key players due to injury.


TITANS – Last year they started out really slow and picked it up at the end and just missed the playoffs, this year will be the opposite. They started out surprising people, everyone ( myself included ) were shocked to see just how good the defense was and how strong the O-line was. Only problem is Vince Young seems to be regressing a bit, still crazy dangerous but needs a lot of improvement. However the bigger problem is Albert Haynsworth being injured, because that guy is a beast and clogs up the running lanes for their opponents. The Titans will finish 9-7 and like I said just miss the playoffs for the second year in a row, as they still have possible losses coming from the likes of the Colts, Chargers and @ the Chiefs.

BILLS – Started off the year looking terrible and decimated by injuries, but have turned it around since then. Assuming Lynch can come back ASAP the Bills will be another team just left out in the cold with a 9-7 record.

BRONCOS – They might have found a way to finally slow down the opposing running game but they did it too late, they also miss Javon walker as Cutler needs more than just Brandon Marshall to throw too, they too will finish 9-7.



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2 responses to “Look Into The Crystal Ball

  1. 911

    Yo, the Nfl has surpassed the Nba for me…never thought I’d say that..

  2. newjerseydrive

    whats good 911….and yeah co-sign I have next to zero interest in the NBA right now, I’m sure that will change a little but the refs/stern have destroyed the sport for me, at least theres still college basketball

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