Week 11 Picks


The boy is back with his picks for the week, I know my record isn’t all that great. I had a rough start, I misjudged some teams and even continued to misjudge them week after week, no more I got this ish figured out, well for the most part at least. If you looking for some extra cake take my advice this week I know I’m betting a lot this week, someone’s got lawyer bills to be paid.

Giants – 3 @ Lions – Lions

There you happy Jamz ? I can’t continue to think of this team as the same old Lions cause every time I do they go out and beat the brakes off of someone. The defense is improving weekly and that offense is among the most dangerous in the league. The Giants only key in this game is if they can get to Kitna before he throws the ball, otherwise he will make that secondary pay all day long. On offense expect the Giants to pound it with Jacobs all day but will that be enough to win a shootout ? I don’t think so

Steelers – 9 1/2 @ Jets – Steelers

A 9 1/2 point underdog at HOME, whats not to love ? O thats right it’s the Jets at home vs. the Steelers, which will also be known as the Willie Parker show when it’s all said and done, Kellen Clemens no doubt is an upgrade over Chad but you will see the kid in him this week as the Steelers blitz packages will rattle and confuse him all day, it’s all good though what better practice.

Browns – 2 1/2 @ Ravens – Browns

The Browns are just too good for the Ravens. * pinches self * Nope I’m not dreaming I really said that, wow. The ravens D scares no one anymore ( unless you see Ray Lewis in a dark alley or something then be afraid be very afraid ) and their offense is even worse. The Browns offense on the other hand has been killing them out there and I see no reason why it stops this week other than the fact that I’m betting on them.

Bucs – 3 @ Falcons – Bucs

The Bucs are among the most underrated teams in the league, no one wants to take them seriously but if you ask me they are no doubt a top 10 team. People think it’s just Garcia getting lucky or something but it’s all about their D. People don’t realize that they have the 6th ranked D in football, only giving up 286 yards per game meanwhile the Falcons have the 27th ranked offense. Tampa is gonna continue to win and get into the playoffs get used to it.

Rams – 3 @ 49ers – Rams

The Rams offense is finally starting to look like what we thought they were and at the same time San Fransisco just seems to be getting worse and worse every week and no matter how bad Alex smith has looked Trent Dilfer sure isn’t doing them any good either. Good thing the league punished the Pats by taking away their first round pick since the Pats will get a top 3 pick anyway that originally belong to the 49ers.

Bears + 5 1/2 @ Seahawks – Seahawks

O how the mighty have fallen. The Bears D isn’t stopping anyone anymore and Griese or Grosman does it really matter ? Hasselbeck will spread the ball around too much for the Bears D to make big plays and they won’t be able to keep up with Seattle.

Titans + 2 @ Broncos – Titans

Tenn. does one thing well on offense and thats run the ball, just so happens the Broncos have the worst run defense in the NFL, so what do you think will happen ? Add to this how good the Titans D has been and the fact that I’m not convinced Cutler’s leg is ok I’m a place big money, big money, no whammies on this game.


Patriots – 16 @ Bills – Bills

Yeah I said it, and of course I feel comfortable cause of the spread but real talk I think this is the week. Everyone seems convinced that now that they beat the Colts they will easily coast to 16-0 but hold up cause these Bills are much better than people are giving them credit for, especially their D. Will they be able to apply enough pressure to rattle Brady, probably not but again the Bills are gonna come out ready to play the game of their life and shock everyone, after all this is how life in the NFL works.

* disclaimer this pick really depends on if Marshawn Lynch is playing or not, if not they still might cover but probably won’t win, they need him to run all day and eat up the clock to keep the Brady’s off the field. *



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2 responses to “Week 11 Picks

  1. landLORD

    … to hell with football … im ready to get my April on …

    … Rodriguez ? … yesss … Rivera ? … most likely …
    … Pettitte ? … probably …

    … on deck?: Johan Santana …

    … watch … he will be a Yankee by the time they open that new crib …

  2. newjerseydrive

    lmao @ Land…..A.D. gets hurt and all of a sudden you don’t care bout football at all huh ?

    I’m with you though, I can’t wait till April, they got Jorge back Mariano is coming back too I think he just wants to make the Yankees sweat and try for that 4th year ( which is a bit ridiculous I mean dude is 38 )

    next year will bring in the dominance of the Yankees yet again

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