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As some of you may already know, the boy had a long day filled with some froggerknockle bullshit (c) Damon Wayans, these damn police got nothing to do but to try and f**k with my life just so he can get a promotion. All I can say about ths little patrolman f##k is I wish a ninja would …(c) ceddy ced…step out of pocket without that badge and uniform on and see what would transpier. Anyway that pretty much murked my last couple days and any chance of productivity so I haven’t been up on my posts, also I have been told that we are soon to launch the super blog spot so I’ve decided to fall back and fill up the chambers ready to unleash a bunch of different posts for the ultimate blog spot aka the the board you’ve been asking for



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8 responses to “New Post

  1. smh @ you forgetting to list ME —->

  2. newjerseydrive

    your there greenie, i just hadn”t gotten to you yet, i was trying to go in some sort of alphabetical order

  3. landLORD

    … LMAO @ Zach Randolph’s ugly-ass, Greg Anthony lookin’, left handed jump shot …. but that shit is almost automatic from 18 feet in … the Knicks are mad lucky to get him … for Frye and Francis ? … allday …

  4. newjerseydrive

    co-sign Land, I said it when the trade was made, Randolph is a beast and will be a greatpick-up, plus dudes not a bad guy he is just unlucky like me, dude just happenes to get caught more than others, but I saw a bunch of thing he did for charities and help other people and kids outside of sports but people don’t talk about that, they talk about him giving his teammate a black eye, nevermind that everyone said dude had it coming, o well Portland’s lose is the Knicks gain

  5. landLORD

    Mike Lupica (NY Daily News) said

    A-Rod isn’t the first person in sports to act as if he works for the agent, as if he’s being told what to do. He’s just the richest right now, and the most famous right now. Maybe even he believes that this is all about him, that Scott Boras is doing this all for him.

    If that is true, then Alex Rodriguez isn’t just the biggest hitter in baseball, he’s the biggest sucker.


    … co-sign … couldnt have said it better … and I hate Lupica …

  6. The XFacta

    Free OJ

  7. landLORD

    … told you Alex wasnt going anywhere …

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