Week 6 In Review


( You better be used to this sight by now, if your not get used to it or stop watching football cause the Patriots aren’t stopping for anyone anytime soon )

~ So I guess it’s official, the Jets are terrible or really Pennington is terrible, please Mangini bench him for the kid Clemens I can’t stomach to watch another hanging floater.

~ Adrian Peterson beat Devin Hester yesterday in the battle of the one man offense, seriously if both of these guys were hurt or missed the game these teams would still be held to a scoreless tie. * daps all other A.D. ( All Day ) owners, grabbing him with the second pick in my keeper league looks smarter and smarter every week, stops patting self on back *

~ The Rams = the worst team in the NFL and if that wasn’t enough they also have the most fantasy busts so far. ( Jackson, Bulger and Holt )

~ Tales of the demise of the Ravens D have been greatly exaggerated, with Rolle back at corner the D can get agressive with their blitzs again and cause all types of havoc for the opposing QB, their offense however is a joke, how can anyone not move the ball up and down the field against that awful Rams defense ?

~ Browns and Dolphins erupt into a shoot-out, really this speaks volumes about each teams D, but the Browns as a team are bordering on legit right now…. Did I really just type that……smh……

~ I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the Packers beat the Redskins, The Redskins D keeps impressing more and more, only 2 TD passes all year and not 1 pass play of over 20 yards unfortunitely for them Santana Moss was a little confused as to who he was playing for, his tipped pass that led to an interception and fumble that was returned for a TD was the difference in the game.

~ What has happened to the Bengals, even the offense is struggling, the o-line just kept getting punished on Sunday, Housh however is not struggling as he stakes his claim as a top 5 receiver, but the rest of the team doesn’t look like they are on the same page, Palmer and Chad can’t seem to figure each other out, the running game has disappeared the D is terrible, fortunitely for the Bengals they get a cure this week as they get to play the Jets at home, and for some reason Mangini is staying with Pennington, have I mentioned I think thats a bad idea.

~ Tamp Bay beat the Titans on a late field goal, considering Kerry Collins was playing a chunk of the game at QB for the Titans, shouldn’t this go down as a loss for the Bucs and a win for the Titans, I mean it is Kerry Collins doesn’t his team deserve to be spotted some points ( Although I guess if Vinny Testerverde can get a win Kerry Collins should be able to as well )

~ Jacksonville is a top 5 team right now and the NFL’s Ommpa Loompa ( Maurice Jones-Drew ) is back.

~ So after Leinart went down I was telling everyone Warner would be a good fantasy pick up and would really boost Fitzgerald’s value since all he can do is throw it deep, some people stopped listening to me at that point and therefore missed the part where I said, of course don’t go making any drastic moves for either of them because it is only a matter of time before the pocket collapses on the statuesque QB and he breaks any and or every bone is his body, but even I thought he would last more than 1 quarter.

~ Vinny Testerverde came back at a ripe young age of 43 and with 3 days to learn the playbook somehow he started out 8 for 8 and somehow managed to have a decent game and pull out the W. * sees pig’s flying and hell freezing over * Vinny better thank his old schoolmate Jesus he has Steve Smith to chuck it to because he is the only thing saving that offense.

~ Can anyone think of any reasons the Patriots don’t go 16-0 if they can beat the Colts in Indy in a couple of weeks, cause besides death to Brady I can’t think of anything, if they beat the Colts in Indy those old school Dolphins better just go ahead and murk themselves because their existence will become meaningless.

~ L.T. is back to being L.T. ( no not smoking crack rocks, not that L.T. ) dominating fantasy player and carrying his offense to victories. The AFC West is theirs to lose, despite Norv Turner and his best attempts to destroy this team.

~ Brees and Bush looked impressive, but hold up it was against the inconsistent Seahawks D, and they are way overrated if you ask me. Yeah the numbers look good but every time I watch them I see teams have little trouble moving the ball up and down the field.

~ Everyone practically killing yourselves to jump on the Giants bandwagon, better be careful cause it’s not worth the risk, your only gonna be risking your life trying to jump off in a month or so. Yeah they won 4 in a row only 1 of them was against a decent team and I still can’t figure out how they won that game ( redskins ) then they beat the Eagles, Jets and Falcons and they really should of lost to the Jets, the Giants got very lucky the past couple weeks and have 2 more very easy games coming up next but after that prepare to see the real Giants team show up after their bye week, just remember be careful not to hurt yourself jumping off the bandwagon.


1) Patriots

2) Colts

3) Steelers

4) Cowboys

5) Jaguars

6) Chargers

7) Packers

8) Titans

9) Bucs

10) Chiefs ( yeah I said it )



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9 responses to “Week 6 In Review

  1. Nice post. I have disagree with your top ten, though. The ‘Boy should still be ranked ahead of the Steelers and the Bucs shouldn’t be in it at all, it should be the Ravens. But other than that it looks good. BTW I have Adrian Peterson in my league, too. 5th rounder! Needless to say I’m cruising to championship right now, even with Holt.

  2. newjerseydrive

    @ dsuper, this is sort of like my own version of power rankings, it’s like the college football poll, doesn’t mean this is how i think they will end up, just where I rank them so far based on this season alone, I agree with you on the Ravens but right now I have them right outside the top 10, like 11 or 12th, Tampa gets the nod cause of the schedule. The Ravens have played the Bengals,Jets,Cardinals,Browns,49ers,Rams, and Buffalo , not one good team in the bunch let’s see what they do this week against the Steelers.

    next post will be a prediction of who wins what divisions and who makes the playoffs as wild card

  3. The XFacta

    Colts have to be first, they’re the Champs!

  4. The XFacta

    This is the last time I come to this bogus site! How are the Giants not on this top 10?? How are the Chiefs better?? You lost all credibility!

  5. Just an “IMO” about the rankings, I’m not knocking your picks at all. Nice post man. Keep up the good work!! And the Pats are looking pretty mean right now…..

  6. Rey

    Okay, so I cracked and I’m checking out Joey’s stuff via a rip of Kay Slay’s show.

    *high fives Ty*

    I do believe Joe Budden has vindicated us and himself, NJD.


  7. newjerseydrive

    Colts have to be first, they’re the Champs!

    have you watched the patriots this year ?

    The XFacta
    October 19th, 2007 at 3:20 am · Edit
    This is the last time I come to this bogus site! How are the Giants not on this top 10?? How are the Chiefs better?? You lost all credibility!

    …the giants were thought to be among the worst team in the league a couple weeks ago, the turn around and win games againts the Jets,Falcons, and Eagles and now all of a sudden i’m supposed to believe they are a top 10 team, foh

    they beat one team with a winning record and I still can’t figure out how they won that game ( redskins ) the Giants are not any good and as soon as they have to play some decent teams you will see that

  8. newjerseydrive

    lmao, yessir rey regualr joe is back to take this shit over

    pick’s for tomorrow will be up later today or early tomorrow I was gonna do it yesterday but I spent the entire day sleeping recovering from statik selektah’s album listening party

  9. 911

    browns > jets…

    that actually speaks volumes…whens the last time?

    adrian peterson > joe thomas

    why couldn’t the cleveland front office figure this out…i’m still confused….

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