Week 6 Picks


Bengals – 3 @ Kansas City – Chiefs

The Bengals should really be able to win this game but I don’t trust them. Their defense is terrible, theres no reason to expect anything but huge games from Larry Johnson, Dwayne Bowe ( who by the way should be owned in every fantasy league weeks ago ) and Tony Gonzalez, and as shocking as it may be to some Kansas City has a really solid defense especially a strong secondary, which could potentially cause Carson and company some problems. On top of all this Rudi Johnson still hasn’t been practicing and the game is in Kansas City where the Chiefs enjoy one of the loudest stadiums and most difficult for opposing teams to play in, and somehow the Bengals are still favored, go with the home underdog here.

Houston + 6 1/2 @  Jacksonville – Jaguars

Now this is starting to look like the defense I expected the Jag’s to have. I was floored by their poor performance against the Titans in week 1 giving up 170 + yards on the ground, I thought they were back to being the classic under achievers, or the Panhers of the AFC as I call them, but it seems like they finally got this figured out, plus now David Garrard is making Jack Del Rio look both genius and stupid ( genius for making the move to Garrard, stupid for waiting so long to make it final ) Dennins Northcutt has been rejuvenated, MJD finally got on track last week and Houston is banged up still missing Andre Johnson and Schaub has to face the toughest secondary he has faced all year, Kris Brown won’t be able to save them this week, Jag’s win this easy.

Miami + 4 1/2 @ Cleveland – Browns ( yeah I said it )

Ok there were a couple teams I was real hard on at the beginning of the year that I turned out to be way wrong about, like the Titans and the Redskins, but I must say the biggest surprise is the Browns. They keep playing decent to good football and I keep brushing it off and ignoring it cause well, they are the Browns. However they have looked pretty good, mostly against bad teams granted but what do they have this week ? Possibly the worst team in the league, and with Cleo Lemon as the starting QB. Listen if you have to bet on a game in which one of the starting QB’s name is Lemon, don’t waste any time go make a bet, a big bet on whoever the hell he is playing. Of course now that I said this on record and with this being the NFL and all, Cleo Lemon will probably throw for 300 + 3 TD’s and the Dolphins get their first win, hey it’s possible I mean they are still playing the Browns.

Minnesota + 5 1/2 @ Chicago –  Bears

I’m tempted to go with the Vikings because I can’t stand the thought of putting money on Brian Griese but that would mean I’d be putting money on Tavaris Jackson or is it Kelly Holcomb this week, or does it matter either way, no thanks. Cedric benson will go nowhere but then again when does he ever get anywhere, however that Vikings secondary is beatable, look for Greg Olsen to run through that secondary for big plays all day Sunday afternoon.

Tennessee + 3 @ Tampa Bay – Titans

Like I said before I was dead wrong about the Titans this year, but I figured that out weeks ago. Tampa Bay is a bit of a mystery still, they had looked real strong so far this year, but the competition wasn’t that good so were they for real ? Well they got pimp slapped back to reality last week by the injury depleted Colts but everyone should of seen that coming especially with Cadillac and Petitguot (sp? ) out. This week probably won’t help us too much either cause the Titans should win the game rather easily, however if Garcia can have a big day against this defense people are really gonna be forced to pay attention to Tampa the rest of the way.

Washington + 3 @ Green Bay – Redskins

Anyone who watched the second half of last Sunday’s night game saw the wheels start to come off of the suddenly over crowded Packers bandwagon. Yeah the biggest problem was James Jones inability to hold onto the ball thanks to Charles Tillman but once things started to go a little bad they quickly got worse and worse. Farve started to unwind making a couple of bad decisions and when he threw that god awful I don’t even know what to call it but I damn sure won’t call it a pass, to Urlacher you knew the game was over. Don’t be surprised if this is the start of a mini slump, the Packers are still one of the better teams in that weak NFC but they are gonna have weeks like last one when they just don’t have it all together and I expect this week to be one of them as the Redskins will continue to surprise people, Jason Campbell is gonna be one hell of a QB the sooner the rest of the league figures this out the better we will all be.

New England – 5 1/2 @ Dallas – Patriots

Do I still have to explain and justify why I’d take the Patriots every week, isn’t the fact that they are have Tom Brady and Randy Moss and o yeah they are the Patriots enough for everyone. No, ok well then how bout this, did you see the Cowboys play the Bills last week ? Yes I believe it was an random act not likely to be duplicated again but the Patriots D is only a couple millions times better than the Bills and o yeah by the way so is there offense, If Romo gives up 6 turnovers this week they lose by 70. Still not convinced, go watch another sport, ok but seriously Dallas biggest weakness is their secondary watch Brady hit Welker underneath all day to set up the long bombs to Moss. Seriously if the Patriots didn’t have to play the Colts I’d say they are going 16-0, but they do play the Colts and probably won’t go 16-0.

New Orleans + 7 @ Seattle – Seahawks

Have people been watching the Saints, cause unfortunately I have and it’s been painful. The Saints are awful it starts with the defense, but continues with the offense and I see no cure in sight. Without Duece it limits Bush’s effectiveness and makes it even harder on Brees. Brees is getting no protection and you can tell it’s bothering him, he keeps dancing his feet running in circles in the pocket looking downright scared, the Saints have a lot to fix and a long time till it gets done, Seahawks win easy.



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9 responses to “Week 6 Picks

  1. Lester Hall aka I Stay High

    Yo fam- you gonna stop dissin’ the Bears like that….

    Brian Griese > Bad Pennington
    Cedric Benson > Thomas Jones

  2. I agree with most of your picks, the KC/Cinci game could go either way IMO. No way Miami beats Cleveland. They got too old too quick and the only person producing for them is Ronnie Brown. Shut him down, who else do they have? Nice post. Come check out my blog sometime. Word.

  3. newjerseydrive

    Brian Griese > Bad Pennington
    Cedric Benson > Thomas Jones

    dude thats crazy talk, as bad as Pennington has been this year he could never be as bad as Griese, Pennington still has around a 60-65 % winning percentage

    and please stop with the benson > anyone comments, even the players on the bears will tell you benson is trash, adrian peterson should be starting he is running the ball much better

    tj’s problems are because defenses are loading up the box cause Pennington can’t beat them, and o yeah they go into half time with 10 point leads and only give him 3 ccarries in the half

  4. newjerseydrive

    @ Dsuper – yeah the Bengals pick is my upset of the week, i agree with Miami and i’ll definitely come check your spot out in the next couple minutes

  5. Lester Hall aka I Stay High

    tj’s problems are because defenses are loading up the box cause Pennington can’t beat them, and o yeah they go into half time with 10 point leads and only give him 3 ccarries in the half

    This one paragraph proved both my points……

    Welcome back fam…..see you at the Nahrbeque……

  6. newjerseydrive

    lmao, i understand your point but Pennington is still better than Greise and again even cedric benson would agree tj is the better back

  7. The XFacta

    Last weeks picks landed me in the poor house

    *Sips Oodles of Noodles*

  8. RBK

    damn… i picked dallas over the pats and i lost big

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