Vacation Time Is Over

Whats good people ? I know I know I haven’t been around for a minute, but the boy went on a bit of an impromptu vacation. I spent some time out in Cali, then I came back last week and went on Tri-State tour checking my peoples I haven’t gotten up with in awhile, overall it was a great couple of weeks, sports wise though, not so much. Remember I said awhile back I didn’t care what the Yankees did in the playoffs as long as they made it there, well apparently I was lying through my teeth, don’t worry I’ll never make that mistake again as a life long Yankee fan I know championship rings is the only successful way to end a season. However with the Yankees struggling to make through the first half of the year, they looked dead. So at this point you could see the Yankees have finally started to put together some really good young pitching ( Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy ) and I was really just excited about the chance to see those 3 guys in a rotation with Wang and Pettite, and I really believed that but once the playoffs came the spoiled Yankee fan came out and I expected another championship. Yeah the bugs cost them game 2 but give the Indians credit they are a great team who looked completely different from the last time the Yankees saw them, when exactly did they find an offense, cause they sure didn’t have one a couple months ago.

Now to make matter worse is my Jets, ouch seriously Pennington what happened to you ? I swear he arm gets weaker with every passing week. I was at the game against the Giant, I almost fought half the damn stadium ( there were some pissed of Giant fans that really didn’t like me just cause I was rooting for my team ) but more importantly every time Pennington went to pass, I felt like I could of jumped the route and picked him off from way back in row 30. I have been Pennington’s biggest supporter but enough is enough. Defenses don’t send anyone more than 20 yards past the line of scrimmage and Pennington can’t make them pay for it. This allows the d’s to load up the box and stop the run and forces the Jets to try short quick screens which only work when teams aren’t ready for them, but since thats all the Jets do defenses are always ready for them. The coaches don’t trust Pennington’s arm to open up the offense and what they are doing now sure isn’t working so bring in the kid with the cannon arm and let’s see if we can open the offense and use the dangerous weapons we have. Coles and Cotchery are 2 great receivers both criminally underrated due to the fact Pennington can’t get them the ball enough. The season isn’t completely over as the schedule does get easier but as long as Pennington is at QB the offense won’t be beating anyone and with the way the Jets allow you to run the ball on them there is just no chance Pennington can get it done anymore, either way it’s obvious with the roster bonus he would be due next March there is no way in hell Chad is on the team next year, so make the move now see what the kid has and let’s find out if he really is the future.

So as bad as these last week was sports wise at least I know I have a bunch of young talent to watch and grow and hopefully get the Yankees back to their dominating ways and get the Jets to start there own trend of domination, the Jets are closer than most think, they got a great overall team just a couple really big holes that continue to hurt them week in and week out but theres only a couple holes and as soon as the Mangenius figures out those holes are Pennington’s arm, the offense running game ( a deep threat automatically opens up the run a little ) and somehow someway stopping the run, I say abandon this 3-4 system and go with a flexible 4-3, you can switch it up from time to time, but the Jets are playing 3-4 scheme with 4-3 personel, making these moves automatically makes the Jets a better team.

More on all of this tomorrow, Yankees/Jets and my picks for the weeks will be back tomorrow as well. I’ve been slacking on the fantasy tip I know anyone got any question or looking for some help with them just holla at the kid, or wait till next week when I break out the fantasy posts.


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