NFL Week 3 In Review

First Off I fully planned on making my picks for this week on Saturday, but my Friday ended up lasting much longer than I expected and took me basically straight into Sunday, so no picks got made and I’d gladly ignore them all again next week if the same situations arise, however I’m just gonna make sure I get this stuff done during the week from now on. So on to week 3 where most things went as expected a few minor surprises and a couple teams at a surprising 3-0 and a few teams who are already dead and buried at 0-3.

~ Lets start this week off with the surprise of the league so far, the Green Bay Packers. Look I expected the Packers to be better than most did ( I had them going 9-7 ) but clearly I was wrong this team is even better than that. I knew the defense was gonna be a problem for teams I just didn’t expect Farve to go all Greg Maddux on us and learn to play QB completely different than he ever has. Thats the key to the Packers starting off so well and if he continues to play this way the Packers will be one of the best teams in the NFC. Farve has learned to look underneath and take what the defense gives him. He knows he can’t make the same throws he used to and he is adjusting accordingly, if he had done this a couple years ago no one would of ever said he should leave. Who said you can’t teach and old dog new tricks ?

~ Again San Diego, Mr A.J. Smith I have to ask, what the hell were you thinking when you decided to fire Schottenheimer (sp?) go and replace your whole coaching staff with Norv Turner leading you ? This team is loaded with talent and Rivers played a hell of a game but once again L.T. is held to only 62 yards rushing. Let me get this straight your an NFL head coach you get paid millions of dollars and you can’t figure out a way to get L.T. at least 1 100 yard game 3 games into the season. Lucky for them they got the hapless Chiefs next week, if they don’t beat them into the ground them and have L.T. run for 150 + at least 2 touchdowns the season is damn near over and Norv needs to be fired now, before this talented team gets wasted anymore.

~ Speaking of the hapless Chiefs, somehow they won a game. I must admit I was in the minority, I figured the Vikings would pull out the W with their D and Peterson running the ball, well Peterson had some success but Kelly Holcomb obviously wasn’t enough to scare anyone on K.C. and somehow the Chiefs escaped with a victory ( I also must admit this game didn’t get too much airtime on any of my TV’s yesterday and there really isn’t a whole lot to say either way, neither of these teams is gonna have a good year )

~ Buffalo got beaten down and had the QB knocked out against the Patriots, if your looking for sympathy Bills fans your looking in the wrong place. However if your looking for an the enemy of my enemy is my friend type of alliance then lets do this, somehow some way we can figure out a way to turn Tom Brady into the NFL’s very own Nancy Kerrigan. Also keep in mind the Patriots owe Mo Lewis and the Jets all there success cause if Mo didn’t knock the life out of Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady would of never been anything more than a 6th round pick/back-up, so Bills fans maybe Trent Edwards = Tom Brady, ok ok I’m sorry that was mean. Maybe this whole friends with my enemies enemy is gonna be harder than I thought.

~ J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. I’m convinced the only reason this game was close was cause Fireman Ed wasn’t at the game. Without him the crowd looked lost and confused as to when to start the famous JETS chant ( best in sports it’s not even up for debate ), if Fireman Ed doesn’t come back soon he better lookout and risk losing his spot to AVIATOR ANDY. Ok so it probably had more to do with the fact that we played the Dolphins, and no matter how good either team is the games are always close. This one wasn’t as close as it seemed as the Jets were in control the whole game, only briefly allowing the Dolphins to even think they had a shot, of course not being able to stop anyone from running will always keep teams in the game. Shout out to the real Jets fan in the crowd that held the sign ” REAL JETS FANS SUPPORT CHAD ” don’t think other real Jet fans didn’t notice and agree with it.

~ So just last week McNabb was getting booed like crazy by his own fans, they were all calling for his head asking for the rookie, I guess you guys either forgot or just don’t care that he has the best winning percentage of any QB this past decade I guess that didn’t mean anything, but a big win over the Lions and all of a sudden they love him again, fickle Philly fans. Last week McNabb looked like that knee was still bothering him and would continue to, well it sure didn’t hurt him yesterday at all, of course the question must be asked, how much of that was just the god awful Lions defense and them crashing back to earth after a 2-0 start.

~ San Fransisco started out 2-0 and had people going crazy and while their D has been much improved they had only played the Cardinals and Rams, they clearly weren’t ready for the Steelers. Thing is everyone is already to anoint the Steelers as the 3rd best team in the league, and while I can’t definitively say theres 3 teams better than them, I need to see them beat someone besides the Bills, Browns and 49ers before I crown they asses (c) Dennis Green

~ St. Louis Rams, where the hell do I start. How bout here their season is over, get used to it just concentrate on how to get Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger back on track fantasy wise, at least be good at something. I know missing 3 o-lineman has killed the offense and well they never had much of a defense but Bulger and SJ are my only weak spots on my squads ( have them split up though thank god ) Now the the question here is just how good and for real are the Bucs. They beat the Ram and the Saints with ease shut their offenses down, and they were 2 of the best last year, but thats just the problem that was last year neither of these teams can get anything going this year, I’d say we should find out next week against Carolina but you can never tell what your getting from them so the test will be 2 weeks when they play the Peyton Manning’s.

~ About the Ravens and Cardinals game, Matt Leinart got benched, for Kurt Warner, * stands up and applauds Jets management for recognizing this guy has waaaay too much work to do to become an NFL QB * I also didn’t watch much of this game I saw the Ravens up 20-3 and thought it was over, who’d of thunk Kurt Warner could of lead them back to make thing interesting, I’m a have to watch this game during the week when it’s replayed on the NFL network just to see how he managed it.

~ The Cleveland Browns played the Raiders yesterday, did anyone notice, does anyone care ( besides 911/barearms ) I actually watched this game for a couple reasons a) I wanted to see how Lamont Jordan would do and how his back would hold up and he did just fine nothing to crazy but still as long as his back holds up he is definitely a solid # 2 fantasy RB in most leagues b) I wanted to laugh at a friend of mine who recently traded away Reggie Bush and Santana Moss for Jamal Lewis and Derek Anderson and I must admit I did have fun doing that. One more thing shout to Lane Kiffin, you really have to love the move, last week they got hurt by a cheap but legal timeout right before a made field goal only to make them try it again and of course fail giving him his first victory as a head coach.

~ I don’t wanna talk about Travis Henry, but how about the homie Bradon Marshall. Before the season no one knew who he was, I was grabbing him in the last or second to last round of every fantasy draft I had. apparently I was the only one who realized this # 2 receiver was due for a breakout year and just a couple weeks away from being a household name ( if he is available in your leagues, and he might be in the less competitive smaller leagues go get him, NOW ) Of course I’m still talking about the losing team as the Jags won the game. They still couldn’t run the ball well every though no one else seems to have that problem against the Broncos, ( see Marshawn Lynch and Lamont Jordan) and Greg Jones just might get a chance to be the feature back in the next couple weeks since no one else can get the job done. Good news is Garrard is playing good ( 45-72 for 609 yards in 3 games ) and the defense seemed to wake up yesterday, problem is the classic were they this good or the Broncos that bad, the Broncos were 2-o but they could of just as easily been 0-2 and against 2 pretty bad teams. We find out just how bad/good the Broncos are as they play the Colts and Chargers in the next 2 weeks.

~ You got to give the Texans credit for hanging in there and making it a game, especially without Andre Johnson, I figured they didn’t have a shot with him out, turns out I was right but they still made it more interesting than I thought. Even though they put up a good fight you never really had the feeling it was possible for the Colts to lose this game, which is so often how it goes with these Colts, but soon they will play a good healthy balanced team, besides the Titans, and then lets see just how for real that Defense is.

~ Well the good news is the Bengals D gave up half the points the did last week, the bad news, so did the offense and just like last week it wasn’t enough. As much fun as I have watching such a good offense it pains me to watch such a terrible defense waste it’s offense away just like it pains me to watch Minnesota’s inept offense waste it’s great defense, and watching Seattle just isn’t close to exciting enough to make up for the lack of Defense by the Bengals.

~ Carolina looked great in week 1, had me thinking maybe they were back and playing to where they should be ( of course looking back they played the Rams and they have just looked pathetic ) then last week they came out and stunk up the joint, this week you figure they get Atlanta no problem getting back on track right ? Well yes and no, yes they won but no they didn’t win near as easy as they should have, Jake Delhomme hurt his shoulder and David Carr had to come in and close it out for the save but still the Panthers have no excuse for letting this be so close.

~ This is the reason I hate Eli Manning and most Giant fans, I had 6 different Giant fans at my house yesterday, everyone of them wanted to personally kill Eli the entire game, watching him make one dumb throw after another, somehow the Redskins revert to what I expected from them at the beginning of the year, they implode and literally hand the game to the Giants. So what happens do the Giant fans celebrate knowing the are lucky to escape with a victory and not be 0-3 ? No of course not they go on to talk about what a great game Eli had and how he has turned the team around and is gonna lead this team to the playoffs, at which point I proceed to do a face plant on the floor and wonder what game they were watching but w/e w/e w/e. They wanna give Eli all the credit, somehow they forgot that Campbell couldn’t complete a simple hand off to Portis when they were trying to run out the clock.

~ Dallas is the favorite to come out of the NFC right now point blank per-i-od (c) phonte. They were in control of the game from the very beginning and never let up. Yeah the Cowboys can still be passed on as much as anyone not named the Giants or Bengals but the offense is too good and they do at least stop the run. I expect their secondary to improve a little bit over time but this team is too good everywhere else for the rest of the conference.

~ Bears fans wake up, and get a grip on reality. You hate Grosman believe me I overstand, I supersize with you (c) dude from Idiocracy, I do but seriously what do you think can be done about it at this point ? I hate to break it to you but Brian Griese isn’t any better than Grosman. The Bears problem is even after the debacle that was last year they didn’t have a back-up plan, you can’t have a team THAT talented get wasted by having quite possibly the 2 worst QB’s in the league on your roster, you could of drafted Brady Quinn, no you take a TE, you could of made a move for Byron Leftwhich, you saw Rex fumbling snaps in pre-season right ? There were plenty of moves to be made but no they decided to stick it out with the 2 worst QB’s in the league and not even consider getting a better back up and for that you get exactly what you deserve another wasted season, hey at least the Cubs look like they will make the playoffs huh ?



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12 responses to “NFL Week 3 In Review


    All I gotta say is 3-0 dawg. Thank God for T.O. I had Kitna bitch ass starting over Romo because I never would have thought Romo would have had a night like he did last night against the Bears. The Lions stunk it up bad. I was starting Calvin Johnson AND Kitna

  2. newjerseydrive

    good shit foe, it’s tough cause you got kitna so he is gonna have some match-ups where he will out play romo, but romo is entering play him every week no matter the match-up status. my advice is after the bye weeks trade one of them, you can definitely get something real good in return and having them both can hurt you cause you might tend to over think who to start each week, juts pick one and ride them out after the bye, that is assuming you can get something to help your team for them don’t give another team someone that good without helping yourself out


    You get props for predicting 9-7 for Green Bay, no one saw this 3-0 start. Don’t forget that it’s early, so don’t get too excited about this…

  4. yaboy

    im a suffering dolphins fan… watching the dolphins slip away into mediocrity after marino retired has been painful.. ricky williams was hope but that went up in smoke…

    now the most recent passing on brady quinn to pick ted ginn jr (??) has been so confusing… the fins are an aging team and passing on quinn only to roll with trent green has been a sign of the back direction of the team.

    you should do an article that updates the draft picks (success or bust) at the halfway point of the season… in my opinion, ginn may be an option in a year or so, but he wont have the impact of a steve smith or devin hester…

  5. newjerseydrive

    word thats a good idea about the draft picks yaboy, i might swaggerjack that, and i would fully expect Ginn to be high on the bust list.

    me being a Jet fan I would love nothing more than to harass you but I actually feel bad for you, I remember i lost 100 bucks on draft day cause when the Fins pick came i guaranteed they would take Quinn and I was cursing out loud my boy said will you give me 100 $ if they don’t and I said yes, costing me 100$, but seriously wtf were they thinking, I get it they were planning on getting Green but dudes like 57, let Quinn learn behind Green, plus that D is getting too old by the time they have an ok offense the defense will be worthless, sorry, just not THAT sorry

  6. yaboy

    ty, i live in providence. i get it all the time from everyone about the pats… back in the day the fins would school the pats all the time but after those super bowls……..

    i still raise my fist in protest whenever a patriot enters the endzone…

  7. yaboy

    believe it or not, the fins had the 4th ranked D in the league last year…

  8. newjerseydrive

    yeah the Fins d is solid i just mean it’s filled with older players and by the time the offense gets good they will all be gone,

    and about you living in providence and dealing with pat fans i spent 2 years in boston i know that pain, lucky that was before the pats got good, the enemy of my enemy if my friend

  9. RBK

    Week 3 In Review????

    Who really gives a fuck.
    Why you typing endless pages about the week in review. I already see all that shit on TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. Everywhere.

    I already know the Week in Review when’s it’s still Sunday. ESPN does the whole coverage that night leading up to the Sunday Night game and so do all the other sports channels. You know it as well as I do.

    I’m not looking for no fucking review. Why don’t you start looking ahead, that’s more important. Any certified fuckboy can review the past week in the NFL, all they need to do is pickup a Monday paper.

    Listen, it’s obvious you know alot about all this shit, more so than the average NFL viewer.

    Why don’t you give me your best predictions on what’s going to happen next Sunday. Post the spread for each game, then tell me what’s going to happen, and how each team will match up against each other, key injuries, weather, which player’s wives are fuckin around, all that type shit. You know all this shit better than the average person, so your predictions can’t be too off.
    Give me the details.

    Start doing that, so I can take your predictions and translate them into winning bets on Sundays. I’m pissed cause I lost a bill on Sunday.

    Be like that Mafia dude in Casino who was the best NFL better, making all the mob bosses rich cause he knew everything about all the teams and what was going to happen. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.

    Fuck a Review, give me a Pre-View, so I know what’s up before I start throwing money around.

    And, FYI, The Jets are certified fuckboys too.

    But still give me some accurate predictions, you know this shit too well.


    Why don’t you give me your best predictions on what’s going to happen next Sunday.


    Word up… That’s what we’re looking for… I need another fantasy football resource I can count on

  11. newjerseydrive

    @ rbk….relax buddy, the week in review is just to look back and see what were really the keys to the game instead of just sportscenter highlights

    as far as predictions and spreads, i did that for the other week didn’t turn out so well, only cause it’s too early in the season to really be on point with that shit, you got to many surprise teams and disappointment teams, it’s hard to make sense of whose real and who just played nobodies this early starting week 5 is when I will do posts predicting the games and recommend them to put money on….this week i will make the picks and do a post by friday at the latest, just know I’m not betting any money this week, it’s next week that starts.

  12. newjerseydrive

    @ foe – i’m a do a post within the next couple hours about fantasy, it’s gonna be something most places arent touching on, i’m mean i’m a do a buy low/ sell high thing like everyone else but i’m also gonna rank the rb’s for the rest of the way, based on them and their schedules and also point out which rb’s to key in on if you got off to a good start and want to start planning for the playoffs, or you got off to a terrible start and you need immediate help

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