My Fellow Jets Fans, Relax and Take a Deep Breath




You have to feel bad for Chad, this guy has done nothing but win football games and continuously sacrifices his body to help the team and what does he get for it ? He gets booed for getting hurt because of a terrible O-line ( still think it was smart to trade Kendall for nothing and turn around and give his awful back up the raise he wanted, good move Jets ) and the crowd of course cheered when Kellen Clemens was brought into the game, if I had been at that game i would of been smacking random Jet fans for booing the one man who has been the difference between playoffs or no playoffs since he was our starting QB, luckily for Chad he came back in and immediately led the Jets to a touchdown, while limping in obvious pain. Chad has done this before time and time again and somehow he has acquired the ” soft ” label, people call him scared and weak, can’t take a beating and when i hear that it makes me wonder what Chad Pennington they are talking about and/or what games they are watching. O.k. so Chad gets hurt a lot, can’t deny that but being tough can’t stop your rotator cuff from tearing, being tough doesn’t mean your indestructible and can’t break your wrist or sprain your ankle, but being tough is playing through all those injuries. A few years ago Chad was having a great year, the Jets were cruising and looked poised to make a serious run in the playoffs, then toward the end of the season, he got sacked and pile drived on his shoulder thus tearing his rotator cuff, an injury that shuts pitches down for the entire year you think that stopped Chad ? No of course not he came back in and played out the last 4 games of the year with a badly torn rotator cuff and played fairly well. Then after the season ended they traveled to San Diego and beat the Chargers and came just 2 missed chip shots of a field goal ( I still hate you Doug Brien ) of beating the Steelers and playing in the AFC championship and Chad’s smart play and ridiculous accuracy is as big a reason as any as why they almost won. This is Chad’s 6th year as the Jets starting QB, of the past 5 years they have made the playoffs 4 times ( in the far superior AFC ) the only year they didn’t make it was the year Chad played 3 measly games. So go ahead tell me what other QB you know who could win that much, put so much on the line, work so hard and still have the fans calling for his head, ok tell me another one besides poor Donovan. ( but thats another story for another day, you Philly fans don’t deserve McNabb and certain Jets fans are making me think we don’t deserve Chad )

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not hating on Kellen Clemens I know this guy is the future of the Jets, he has a cannon for an arm and can really help the Jets by opening up the offense and making throws Chad can’t but it’s only his second year and he has one of the smartest QB’s in the league playing in front of him for him to learn from. This is a win win, assuming Chad is healthy you start the more experienced and trained QB and have him school the young’n which gives the team the best chance to win now and helps prepare Clemens for the future. Clemens looked confused and a little above his head for the first 3 quarters on Sunday, but he was going up against the best Defense in football, also he bounced back real strong with a great 4th quarter and almost stole a victory or at least overtime if a certain Jet receiver could catch the ball. ( I’m looking at you Justin McCareins. ) The kid showed flashes of brilliance and tons of potential, he showed off the strength of that arm over and over again, but there is something to be said for having the smartest guy playing QB, and right now Chad is that guy. Clemens is gonna be a great QB one day theres nothing to suggest otherwise ( this kid was thought just as highly of as, Matt Leinart and Vince Young when they were all seniors he just broke his knee mid way through the year thus making him a 2nd round pick ) but right now with the way NFL defenses and as bad the Jets O-line is you are gonna need someone with more experience to read blitzes and put his receivers in position to be open and catch the ball, all of these things Kellen can learn from watching Chad and hopefully he can incorporate those things into his game and when it is his turn he will be ready to take over the league.

What Chad lacks in arm strength he makes up for in football IQ and accuracy, throughout his career ( excluding last year, he knows he tried to force too many passes when they were behind in games ) he has always been on the bottom of the list of interceptions throw, Chad’s arm wouldn’t win you many games but they would never lose games for you and his smart decisions and accurate passes sure did win them games. I’m not one of these people who say you can’t lose your job too injury, but you need to have someone with experience and ready to perform to come and play starting QB in this league and right now Chad Pennington is still the best option the Jets have to win them games. If by week 10 you know the playoffs aren’t realistic than go ahead put him in and see what you got but they have only played 2 games ( against 2 of the best Defenses in the league ) theres still plenty of season left and if the Jets plan on doing anything especially with the weak O-line they need the smarts and accuracy of Pennington , not to mention that just cause those fans in the Medowlands for week 1 don’t grasp what Chad has done and meant to this team doesn’t mean the players have, those players rally around Chad and while they know what a cannon Clemens has they still feel more comfortable with Chad leading them, so take note my fellow Jets fans and please for the love of god don’t ever make me think we are as bad as Eagles fans.



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16 responses to “My Fellow Jets Fans, Relax and Take a Deep Breath

  1. G7

    Chad is as fragile as an eggshell. Just kiddin’ Ty…lol. I’m a 49ers fan btw. We playin’ some D so far. Hopefully they can at least make the playoffs. They seem to be on their way back up….no erectile dysfunction.

  2. newjerseydrive

    @ g7…..yeah man the 49ers D is for real they are gonna be damn good, problem is the offense seems stuck, besides Gore that is. Smith doesn’t seem all that comfortable and no one is getting open for the kid ( what the fuck is Veron Davis doing all damn game ) but i like the 49ers making the playoffs this year

    and Chad does get hurt I can;t argue with that, but anyone would of gotten hurt on those plays body falling like it did, not everyone would of picked themselves up and played 6 games with a badly torn rotator cuff thats all I’m saying

  3. Dayum, I thought this post was about the Lions…LMAO!

  4. newjerseydrive

    lmao @ jamz

    nope not yet…homie..last post the week in review I talked about them though, i have to admit, they still haven’t beaten anyone good so don;t get too excited but they have looked pretty dangerous at least offensively, the D looked good last week too but i think that has more to do with Tavaris Jackson but w/e w/e w/e

  5. eric mangini

    Waddup G7..I like the 9ers..they rebuilt real smart, they remind me of us (jets) but they had better pieces to start with the better of which was frank gore.

    ty..well written piece homie..I think with the schedule the way it was either we were goin to win the 1st 2 or the 2nd 2 being that if we would have beat NE the emotion would have helped us in pulling out a close game in Bmore..I am confident in winning the next three, by the time we play the giants they will be looking for chokelin’s replacement..

  6. newjerseydrive

    finally this blog feels like it’s legit now that I got coach to find time to come on here and post, between his busy schedule with being on tv shows ( sopranos ) and coaching it’s good to know he has time for the fans…lmao…

    and yeah we should have know problem the next couple of weeks Miami looks pathetic in every possible way, Buffalo has too many holes and the Giants like i’ve been saying are among the worst Defenses especially secondary in football, Jets will rebound and be 3-2 before you know it whoever is QB,

  7. louiefuse

    yeah ty… chad definitely has gotten and still gets a bum deal. the jets should have been started him over testaverde… but what do i know. imo testaverde was a bum. curtis martin saved his credibility.

  8. eric mangini

    If we get Asante next year along with the emergence of David Harris and the trade of Vilma for a quality down lineman or tight end and the acquisition of an edge rusher or like Terrel 2 or 3 more quality moves and 2008 we should be able to legitimately compete with NE..

    The fact that KC took a beating was a positive for me, i myself was glad he went up against the best..I hate when people evaluate rookies in preseason or when they play bum teams.

  9. eric mangini

    nigga fix the aint no 9:o6..pwahaha

  10. newjerseydrive

    louisefuse…..vinny testerverde is my most hated althlete ever…real talk

    co-sign mangenius too

    and one of these days i might get around to the clock thing….still got to do blog rolls and all that shit but fuck it i’m lazy sue me

  11. bkscribe

    aww man… this post was a breath of fresh air. Good post homie.

  12. newjerseydrive

    good looks homie, it’s also good to know that not all Jets fans were booing Pennington, at least all of us aren’t as bad as Eagles fans

  13. G7

    >>…..vinny testerverde is my most hated althlete ever…real talk

    ^lol, he’s on most Jet fan’s list. If the Jets learn to protect Pennington they’ll be in good shape. He’s taken some nasty hits over the year. His O-line should be throwing their checks at him.

  14. rasheed wallets

    … Koby Clemens > Kellen Clemens …

    … Chad Hugo > Chad Pennington …

    … onward VIKINGS ! …

    … Tito Jackson > Tavaris Jackson … for now …

  15. rasheed wallets

    … yo Tyrone, WHAT TIME IS IT ?!? … (C) Morris Day …

    … yo Son, you need one of them big Flava Flav joints … because your blog has no concept of actual time … what time zone is you in ?, … Bermuda Triangle Standard Time ? … love the sports bloggin though …

  16. newjerseydrive

    lmao, word good looks land

    the clock MIGHT get fixed this weekend

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