Week 2 In Review



I’m just gonna give some quick random thoughts on this past weeks games.

~ When will the Chargers and Eagles figure out that you really do need a good solid # 1 receiver, no matter how much they hated T.O. you need someone to replace his talent.

~ The Chiefs look like they finally figured out that you need a quality receiver, and they might of found him in Dwayne Bowe, too bad they waited until the rest of the offense crumbled. Now they finally have a decent receiver and they have a horrible O-line and QB’s so no matter how good Bowe is he just won;t get enough touches to really help this team.

~ Donovan McNabb is still hurt, like REALLY hurt, and if that knee doesn’t heal miraculously fast the Eagles season is over as is Mcnabb career in Philly, to which I say good, he deserves better than Philly fans.

~ Jacksonville and Atlanta played Sunday afternoon, and there isn’t much to say, except that both these teams are supposed to be good at one thing and thats running the ball and neither of them ran anywhere, truly awful eye gouging game to watch, I feel sorry for anyone in the Jacksonville/Atlanta area who had to suffer through watching this game, if you didn’t have Direct Tv’s Sunday Ticket I bet you do now.

~ Tough to tell how prepared Buffalo was or how much of their minds were still with TE Kevin Everett, but boy did the Steelers put a hurting on those Bills this weekend. The Steelers have had 2 easy games so being 2-0 shouldn’t be a surprise but they have looked real strong. This Mike Tomlin character just might know what he is doing.

~ Almost 100 total points scored, over 1,000 total yards and the Browns won the game ? I guess the Apocalypse is coming, but don’t expect the Browns to look this good every again, and i mean EVER.

~The Giants secondary is by far the worst in football, but you should of already knew that. Ward has looked impressive filling in for Jacobs though and he has had to convince whoever will be the Giants coach, don’t be shocked to see Coughlin fired if they start out 0-4, when Jacobs gets back to at least have Ward split carries with Jacobs as he has proven himself to be effective.

~ Wow this Matt Schaub is for real huh ? Think the Falcons are still salty they made that trade, I’d say so considering they are relying on Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwhich to take over. As good as Schaub has looked, he needs Andre Johnson to stay healthy if that knee doesn’t hold up he won’t have too many places to put the ball.

~ Just last week Carolina shut St.Louis down and I wondered if Carolina could finally live up to it’s Super Bowl potential, but of course in typical Panthers fashion they turn around and get beat down by the Texans.

~ Vince Young might not be the best QB but the kid is clutch, he makes plays when they need to be made if they can give him some serious weapons in the next couple years he will be what we expected Mike Vick to be. Also the Tenn. defense has been impressive, I must admit I was dead wrong about this team they are a real solid team they might actually be the second best team in the division.

~ All off season I wondered out loud if last year was TOO perfect for the Saints and this year seems to be saying yes it was, as they are quickly crashing back down to earth and I don’t expect a quick turn around.

~ Is Tampa even a decent team or just lucky to have played the Saints yesterday, got to love week 2

~ San Fransisco is 2-0 with a really strong defense. Take away Frank Gore and the offense is non existent.

~ With 3 O-linemen already out, and Steven Jackson with nowhere to run, Marc Bulger is in danger of being permenitly planted in the turf.

~ Dallas beats Miami…..no surprises here the Fin’s are awful ( I’m a really regret saying that if they can somehow beat my Jets next week )

~ Tavaris Jackson threw 6 picks, yes in just 1 game, so you think the Vikings are still sold on him, my guess is no since Brooks Bollinger got to see some PT. Take it from someone who knows, if Brooks Bollinger has to be your QB for even part of the year, your team has no shot of doing anything but losing over and over again.

~ Even with Kitna out for part of the game the Lions didn’t miss a beat racking up all types of yards through the air, and after 2 weeks they are 2-0 only 8 wins away from Kitna’s guarantee of 10, problem is there are other teams on their schedule than the Raiders and Vikings.

~ Seattle lost to the Cardinals on a last second field goal, Leinart looked decent, even if it was against a shaky secondary, but his footwork and lack of confidence in standing in the pocket still scares me. Edge has to be loving these new coaches and revamped O-line.

~ This just in. Devin Hester is good at returning punts, do not kick to him. The Chiefs of all people should know this remember when people stopped kicking to Dante Hall, of course they do cause they started losing once people started doing that. So why did the Chiefs keep kicking to him even after he already returned on on them, and would of been 2 if not for a penalty.

~ Kellen Clemens bounced back after a real tough 3 quarters and if Justin McCareins could catch a pass they might of stole this game. Pennington deserves to keep his job as well as he has played his entire career here but this kid isn’t gonna make it easy for him to hold on to it.

~Denver wins for the second straight week on a last second field goal against 2 teams they should of easily beat, either way it counts the same and they are 2-0 but they need to fix their rush defense. The secondary might be the best in football but I could run for 100 + yards against them right now and I wasn’t no AL Bundy in high school either, no 4 touchdowns in 1 game for me, that is unless I played Denver.

~The Patriots beat up the Chargers and beat them bad. As impressive as the Pats were the real story here is what the hell happened to San Diego ? The obvious answer is Norv Turner. Listen I was all for firing Marty I get it but you can’t fire him for the one guy with a worse track record than him. Norv is a great QB coach or coordinator that is it. When you have a team as talented as this Chargers team you can’t afford to lose your head coach and both your coordinators so the players can be somewhat familiar with what they are doing and you know you will be doing the same things that worked last year. Now Norv has to figure out what works and what doesn’t all over again, a team as good as last years Chargers should never have to stop and start all over again.



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3 responses to “Week 2 In Review

  1. …TY, where the cheerleaders? TITTIES!…AZZZZ!

  2. the audience

    Great Review Ty…..We think you’re on to something…..Keep up the good work……

    BTW- Your picks were a little off, wouldn’t you say?

  3. newjerseydrive

    yup just a little off though……* holds fingers 7 ft. apart *

    I usually don’t start betting on games until week 4 cause it’s too hard trying to make your picks off last year, shit changes too much in the NFL…..i’ll be back on track by week 4

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