NFL Week 2 Gambling Picks


( home team in CAPS )

LOCKS – Bet Big

Bengals over BROWNS + 6 1/2 pts.

Did anyone watch the Browns game last week ? I hope not for your sake, I saw it and man it was painful to watch. There is no way the Browns will be able to keep up with Palmer, Chad and Housh.

PANTHERS over Texans + 6 1/2 pts.

Last week the Panthers finally started playing like they should of been the last 2 years, what I saw from them last week has me thinking this Panthers team is for real, however they need to keep it up and stay consistent. Yeah the Texans looked good last week but that was against the Chiefs, Panthers will prove much tougher.

Saints over BUCS + 3 pts.

I’d expect the Saints to bounce back from last week’s horrific performance against anyone, but against the Bucs don’t be surprised to see them pushing 50 this week.

Cowboys over MIAMI + 3 pts.

Cowboys will have no problem running ( Miami gave up 190 + yards rushing to Washington last week ) and throwing ( you watched what they did to the Giants last week right ? ) all over the field in Miami, Miami will struggle to move the ball at all.


Colts over TITANS + 7 pts.

The Titans looked real good last week running the ball up and down the field, I don’t expect that to change, so go ahead and play Chris Brown in your fantasy leagues this week, but all the Titans can do is run. They will not be able to stay in a shoot out with the Colts.

Vikings over LIONS – 3

Ok I realize the Lions are the home team, I saw how good the offense at times looked last week, but they almost blew it against Oakland. Minnesota defense is too good, expect a couple interceptions/fumbles from Kitna and Minnesota to run the ball all day.

BRONCOS over Oakland + 10

Normally I hate picking games with a double digit spread but the Broncos are for real and the Raiders are well the Raiders. Dre Bly and Champ Bailey shut down Lee Evans last week, they will do the same to Ronald Curry, Travis Henry, Javon Walker and Brandon Marshall should all have big games in the Broncos home opener.

BEARS over Chiefs + 12

See above. Also here the Chiefs are a mess only thing they got going for them is Grand ma-ma and you saw how the Bears shut down L.T. last week until the touchdown pass, unless L.J. is a sneaky good QB as well the Chiefs have no chance in the Bears opener, even expect Rex Grosman to have a big day, and this is the week we find out about Benson, if he can’t run the ball and put up big numbers vs. the Chiefs what good is he ?

Chargers over Patriots – 3 1/2 pts.

Everyone seems to be handing this game to the Patriots already. This doesn’t make sense too me, forget about the Patriot Games that took place last week the Chargers are by far the most talented team in the NFL and this is just the regular season so I look for them to go into New England and steal this game, now when they meet in the playoffs my money will be against Norv turner as much as it is on the Patriots.

Packers over GIANTS Pick Em’

With or without Eli this Giants team has no chance. They won’t be running the ball well and they will blitz the hell out of whatever QB is back there. Then on offense it out to be fun to watch Donald Driver and Brett Farve tear through that poor excuse of a secondary.

Eagles over Washington + 7 pts.

Washington looked alright against a bad Miami team, the Eagles looked bad against a good Packers team, look for the roles to be reversed here and the Eagles win their home opener on Monday night. This of course is all based on hoping Mcnabb is at least 80 %, we shall find out by the end of Monday night what kind of season it’s gonna be for these Eagles, if Donovan doesn’t start out strong be ready for those Philadelphia Boo’s to start pouring all over the field.



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13 responses to “NFL Week 2 Gambling Picks

  1. Yo TyB….man don’t shyttin’ on the Lions…LOL! I need them to win atleast 9 games this season…

  2. newjerseydrive

    lmao whats good Jamz, I was always root for the Lions, one of my friends has been a Lions fan since Barry Sanders and that ninja has been suffering for years, they should be improved a lot this year maybe even get 9 wins but no way they beat the vikings this week, not that against defense

  3. Ayt…if the Lions win, you know I’mma be back here talking shyt…LOL! But, if they lose, I won’t be saying shyt, and I’ll act like this conversation never happened…

  4. newjerseydrive

    lmao, ok story checks out….this kid sounds like a seasoned vet lions fan….

  5. 911

    I had a bad experience betting…i.e lost some rent money…backs away slowly…

  6. 911

    I surely hope no one took heed to these ridiculous ass picks…I lost money..I I I I lost it…I lost money money I lost…How about them browns muddasucka…hahahahahahahahahaha.

  7. 911

    pours salt in wound….

  8. As promised TyB….I’m back playa…LOL! This might be the only time I will get to gloat about the Lions this year, so I’ll do it while I can…

    Hopefully, in your next set of predictions you’ll be wise enough to show them Lion boys some luv…LOL!

  9. newjerseydrive

    lmao…….what a bad week huh ?

    * dives head first off cliff *

  10. 911

    is that the best you got “what a bad week huh”…i could have lost my home…put a focking advisory up or some shit so some shmuck doesn’t want to kill you or want you to circle the crib next time you decide to mail it in…smh. Da Browns muddasucka hahahahahahaha

  11. AzIz

    biggums…where are uuuuu?

  12. newjerseydrive

    @ 911 – I really didn’t want to do one of these yet, as i didn’t actually bet money this week, i’m normally mad good at picking games, but i wait until week 4 until I start making bets cause it’s too hard to tell how good everyone is at the beginning of the year

    aziz – whatsup, i’m a have another post up later today, i’m still enjoying not working too much for my own good

  13. Thanks for the great writeup. It in reality would have been a enjoyment consideration it. Seem sophisticated to significantly extra pleasant of your stuff! Mind you, how can we communicate?

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