The Rest of the NFC Preview/Predictions

fulljgetty-75557833dm011_chicago_bears.jpgOk so I’ve been slacking, I went OT for a few days and haven’t been sitting by a computer, yeah yeah i know the season started and it’s all ready Wed. So you all ready know about what happened last week so I’m a briefly finish off these predictions and then get into what seems to be the one and only story from last week . ( them cheating patriots )


1) San Fransisco 49ers – Ok so I’m not quite ready to tell 49ers fans to start booking trips to the super bowl in Arizona this year like lots of others seem to be, but I do see them winning this rather easy division and winning a playoff game possibly 2, but even in the weak NFC they still have another year before they can realistically start thinking Super Bowl. The Offense will struggle a little without Norv Turner there, but their young talented stars ( Smith, Gore, Veron Davis ) should only get better and any one who watched the Cardinals play them last Monday night can tell you that D has improved a great deal.

Prediction – 10-6

2) Seattle Seahawks – It’s possible the Seahawks could win this division but theres something about this team that I’m just not sold on. Maybe cause I wasn’t sold on them last year after they lost guard Steve Hutchinson to Minn. and I turned out to be right, yeah they made it to the playoffs and beat the Cowboys but the Seahawks weren’t scaring anyone last year, and losing Darrell Jackson doesn’t hurt them as much as it helps the 49ers but it sure helps give the 49ers the edge over the Seahawks, no matter how many passes Jackson drops. Either way Seattle will most likely be in the playoffs I just see it as a wild card this year.

Prediction – 8-8

3) St. Louis Rams – First game of the year and they lose O-Pace, not a good look, fortunitly for them he isn’t near what he used to be so he can be replaced. However the big problem in St. Louis is still gonna be that shaky Defense, yeah they have improved a little but not enough. For any fantasy owners worried bout Jackson’s 1 pt. performance last week, don’t be there is no way he doesnt finish as a top 5 back at years end be patient. Unless you can get L.T. or an Addai plus a good receiver your not getting anything close to Jackson’s value, same for Bulger he will still put up numbers but even in the NFC the D isn’t good enough.

Prediction – 7-9

4) Arizona Cardinals – People keep waiting for this talented team to take off, well slow down people take a deep breath it’s gonna take some time, but they do seem to be on the right track. If Leinart can step it up and play consistently good then they might be able to finish 3rd but he is what is worrying me the most about his team right now. The kid has talent no doubt you can see that, but he has horrible footwork, stays dancing in circles in the pocket and throwing off balanced passes. The line has improved and it does look like they will be able run the ball ( which is something they couldn’t for AT ALL last year ) and with those 2 receivers they will hurt you but I see Leinart killing a number of drives a game but give him another year he should be ready, and don’t think Arizona has a pushover defense anymore these boys come to play.

Prediction – 6-10


1) Chicago Bears – Yes I’m aware Rex Grosman is still the QB, and yes i realize Griese is still the back up but come on, did anyone watch how the Bears shut down L.T. until that screen pass, just like last year Rex will lose them some games and won’t win them any games, but even with losing Mike Brown again this D is too good to not win this division.

Prediction – 11-5

2) Green Bay Packers – Yes I’m aware Farve is still the QB, but just like the Bears I expect the D to win them most of their games. Brandon Jackson is a better Rb than most think, Farve is still a good QB ( even though he will definitely single handedly lose you a couple games a year ) and with Driver and Jennings he will always have someone to throw it 86 yards to. Put that up with a likely top 10 defense and they will win some games this year.

Prediction – 9-7
3) Minnesota Vikings – Sorry Land, but with Tavaris Jackson as their QB they are lucky they beat the Falcons. It’s a shame when such a great D like this gets wasted, because of the QB but that is exactly the case here. The Vikings will run it all day and run it well, but you need your QB to be able to make plays when needed, this kid just isn’t talented enough to get it done in the Pros.

Prediction – 7-9

4) Detroit Lions – All 3 other teams in this division have a great D, the Lions do not, they do however have a high powered dangerous offense, but for every game Kitna wins for them he will have a game where he throws 3 picks and lose the game for him. The D isn’t good enough to shut anyone down and barely kept them in a shoot-out with Oakland, look for a lot of points in fantasy world and an improved record but still expect them at the bottom, after all the are still the Lions and somehow someway Matt Millen is still their GM.

Prediction – 6-10


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