Belichek, Bill Belichek….Football’s genius James Bond


So last Sunday afternoon the Jets and the Patriots played the first game of the year and while it seemed the Patriots embarassed the Jets, it is now Bilichek who has the egg of his face. During the game a Jets official noticed a Patriots employee illegally videotaping the Jets defensive coaches and when he went to confiscate the tape a ruckus broke out. Security, NFL officials and state troopers were all on hand to try and defuse the situtaion and figure out exactly what was going on.

It is very simply and plainly laid out in the rules that teams are not allowed to videotape other teams coaches. The Patriots are well aware of this rule as this is not the first time they have been accused of this ( plenty of people have spoken up and said they felt the Patriots have done it to them in the years past, Shaun Alexander, Heins Ward, L.T., Farve, the Jets, the Lions and Vikings ) Now people think watching the signals and play calls can’t help you that much cause theres not enough time but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What the Patriots would do is wait to they see the defensive call, then they radio the play the Jets just called to the Patriots offense which gets trasmitted straight to Brady’s headset, so if the Jets are emptying the left side with a blitz Brady has just been made aware of this so he calls a audible to counter the blitz which leads to a wide open receiver and some easy points for the Pats. Tell me thats not a gi-normous advantage of epic proportions. It’s hard enough to play defense and react while going in reverse imagine how hard it would be if the QB knows where each defender is ( realize the QB is the only one on the offense who needs to know what the D is doing to take advantage of the situation, so he calls an audible to best fit the situation. ) Anyone in here every play someone in a game of Madden and either accuse someone or be accused of peeping someones play ? How pissed do people get when they think your peeping plays in Madden and thats just a video game, imagine how hard it would be to stop in real life.

Also don’t give me any of this it doesn’t really help them that much excuse thats bull. If it didn’t help them that much why do it ? Why would someone widely regarded as the smartest mind in football risk his reputation to cheat when it doesn’t even benefit him. Again this isn’t the first time they have been called out on it before, so how many of their wins have come because of this advantage. It’s like when Sammy Sosa corked his bat, ok so he probably hasn’t been using it his whole career and you still have to make contact with the ball, not an easy thing to do, but how many of his home runs might of fallen short without a corked bat ? So your telling me that he knew people were starting to catch on to this a little bit and you think he still went through with breaking the rules ( after being called during the off season and told specifically you can not do this anymore you will be punished, this happened this past off season ) for something that doesn’t give him a competitive advantage. Why ? What can he gain from that then ? That would be like if A-rod never did steroids and waits till he breaks Barry Bond’s home run record to start taking them, then gets caught. He accomplished something amazing, naturally and fairly and then he decides to taint it all after the fact by cheating after his greatness is already cemented in history, no sorry story doesn’t check out, plus there is no way you can convince me that it’s not a huge advantage if a QB knows what the D is doing.

This is exactly how I think this situation played out. The Patriots have been doing this for some time and while I don’t think the Titles should be striped or anything crazy like that I do say they are slightly tainted, if only because the Patriots were always thought to not be the most talented or skilled team but the smartest. They didn’t beat you with their skills but their brain, and now we find out they are cheating, so how much of their success is due to the cheating ? It’s a fair question to ask no doubt and there is no way for us to know. My guess would be they didn’t use this spy moves in the Super Bowl, probably much more likely to get caught, but the moves sure help them win some games that got them there.

Now Mangini knew about this before hand, why ? Well because he was on the Patriots coaching staff he knows how Bond, I mean Belichek works. Remember what happened last year, the Patriots got beaten and beaten soundly by the Jets in their second game, next time they meet, in the playoffs, the Patriots go on to destroy the Jets, my guess is this is when Mangini said I can’t allow them to do this to my team and made up his mind that their next game he was gonna pull their card mid game, have them caught red handed for the world to see. If Mangini says anything after the game last year no one believes him he just seems like a sore loser, he waits till they get caught in the act and now they world sees the truth, a rather genius move by Mangini if you ask me.

This is way worse than steroids in my opinion, this is a coaching staff knowingly playing by their own rules and getting away with it for far too long. The ironic part is that it’s the Patriots, because of their fans. I know a bunch of them who swear A-rod is a cheater cause he screamed during a pop fly, and he tried to knock the ball out of someone glove in plain sight in front of everyone, all Red Sox fans called him a cheater but they are all defending their Patriots. As if somehow someway yelling during a pop fly is = to stealing your play calls. Rodger Goodell has taken a hard stance on getting in trouble off the field, this is way more serious this calls into question the integrity of the game, and makes you question some outcomes. Listen I will be the first to say without the cheating the Patriots probably still would of won ( can’t know that for sure though maybe Brady is just a 6th round QB who just happens to know where every defender will be at all times ) but there is no way it would of looked as bad, and if we can enforce rules in Madden to make players look away from the screen there damn sure should be enough respect honor and integrity to do the same in a real football game.



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10 responses to “Belichek, Bill Belichek….Football’s genius James Bond

  1. Fidel Cashflow

    Yeah I never thought Belicheck was the genius he was made out to be; I don’t think the NFL is gonna punish them severly though, probably just lose a 6th round draft pick.

  2. the audience

    Perfect Ty….

    Also wonder about this….If Brady was that great, wouldn’t he have been the starter from the git-go instead of Bledsoe? It took an injury to get him in, now they’re working with a 6th rounder. How do we help him out and save our season from going down the drain?……hmmmmmmm?

    If you ask me, this has been going on for YEARS, which includes their Super Bowl Run(s)…….

  3. keep plugging away at it bro…work on that proofreading…ole ‘I’mma get this shit off my chest ass ninja’…nh.

    to address the topic there have been whispers of the patriots cheating since beliBonds was coach…nothing new they just got caught is all…I’m almost sure mangini and beliBonds are pretty much enemies now…well the Nfl will play it up…peace.

    New site coming! I’ll send you a sneak peek of it…I’m going in.

  4. newjerseydrive

    lmao…..damn homie you stay braking in new sites huh ? definitely hit me up when you get the shit jumpin off

    yeah man i just now read the some of the eagles think the pats cheated during the super bowl you got heins ward calling them out and mad other people/teams….i’m gonna go around and find all the quotes and put them all in one post tomorrow….see if the patriots fans still wanna deny any wrong doing.

    the biggest thing that pisses me off is people acting like it can’t help them that much, someone needs to explain to these people the info gets relayed straight to Brady’s headset and he is the only one who needs to know the play to counter act it. If you know where each defender is gonna be you obviously know where the open spaces will be and there is your easy touchdown

  5. It was so good to finally talk about football once kickoff week started…rather than Vick’s dogs, the Barber/Manning tiff etc but now we’re back to the dirty side of football. Beli’s not a dumb guy by any means, he’s been a good coach but now I feel like there’s this big smear over all the great Pats games and wins. As a player, knowing that you’re getting to the top by cheating, doesn’t that ruin it for you just a bit? I don’t know that I think Brady’s so good anymore when I know Beli’s been cheating.

  6. newjerseydrive

    co-sign ruby

    again i’ll go to a madden comparison….everyone that plays madden knows that sometimes the computer just fucks you over, makes you fumble for no reason, dropped passes, a rb literally runs through your defenders ( like into and thru them ) whatever reason sometimes some absolute bullshit play will happen at the end of the game basically deciding the game right then and there….I have won many games like this and each time i feel dirty and grimy and immediately say lets restart the game cause I can’t win like that, you have to be ashamed to win on such cheap shit like that, I’d rather lose fairly than cheat to win but thats just cause I’d always know I didnt deserve to win that game and I’d rather catch the L than get handed a victory

  7. Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    Soccer / Football greats you should write about next!

  8. fanoftheNFL

    The dope that wrote this must not have any clue about football.

    “What the Patriots would do is wait to they see the defensive call, then they radio the play the Jets just called to the Patriots offense which gets trasmitted straight to Brady’s headset, so if the Jets are emptying the left side with a blitz Brady has just been made aware of this so he calls a audible to counter the blitz which leads to a wide open receiver and some easy points for the Pats. ”

    If that were the case, they should have one play drives the entire game, scoring 100 points.

    What does that have to do with videotaping? Any coach on any team can use binoculars (which all teams do, by the way) to see the coaches and do what you are saying. One thing this writer doesn’t realize is that there are usually 3 coaches signaling in the plays. Only one of the coaches is the guy with the actual call. The other 2 are decoys. Why do they do this? Because all the teams try to steal one another’s signals. Why do people think this is solely a Patriots “scheme”? It’s been going on as long as there has been football. In the beginning of the creation of the NFL, with guys like Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Hank Shram, etc. there were coaches that would watch other teams practice from the rooms of hotel rooms or buildings close to practice facilities. It is a known fact. This is not an issue. Do your homework before you write anymore articles. This is full of inaccuracies.

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