AFC Previews/Predictions



1) New England Patriots – Yeah they cheated and got caught, yeah the cheating helped them I don’t care what people said, if it didn’t why would Bellicheck risk his reputation. So he is just gonna break the rules risk and get called a cheater for something that that doesn’t help him. ( more on this later ) I don’t buy it, my guess is this has been helping them for awhile but they still have way too much talent not to at least be in the conference finals, if I have to tell you why this team is good then I really have to question if you have watched any football the past 5 years or so.

Prediction – 11 -5

2) New York Jets – They looked pretty bad last week but now all things considered maybe it wasn’t so bad. With or without the cheating they still probably would of lost just not as bad. This team surprised everyone but me and them last year this year the surprise no one. They are a better team than last year but have a much harder schedule. 9 or 10 wins is the max for them this year and while I hope they can sneak into the playoffs I wouldn’t be surprised to see them be the odd man out just missing that final spot.

Prediction – 9-7 good chance at 10-6

3) Buffalo Bills – Losman needs to step it up if the Bills wanna make a move in this division. The D also lost a lot of key players in the off season and it will show all year. Lynch looked good running against Denver last week and that o-line has improved so they will put up points, especially as long as Lee Evans is there. The D will be their biggest problem and o yeah being in a division with the Patriots that always hurts.

Prediction – 7-9

4) Miami Dolphins – Poor Cam Cameron, for 2 reasons who names there kid Cam Cameron, and if only San Diego fired Marty when they should of, he would be the head coach there in San Diego instead of Norv Turner, something everyone in San Diego would of loved, but nope instead he jumped ship and is stuck in Miami with a 73 year old geriatric QB, no receivers or dangerous RB’s and aging D, passing on Brady Quinn for the next Troy Williamson, what exactly about this job made Cam think he could succeed.

Prediction – 5-11


1) Baltimore Ravens – The offense looked awful Monday night, and i don’t expect it to get that much better, they will run the ball better McGahee will be more dangerous and that Defense will stay keeping them in games no matter how many times the offense turns it over, it’s not a lock that they win the division I expect a strong fight from both the Steelers and the Bengals but this league defense is everything and they have the best.

Prediction – 11-5

2) Cincinnati Bengals – Offense is gonna be next to unstoppable. Palmer’s knee is healthy Chad says he has his ” sexy back ” and 15 more touchdown celebrations scripted, I can’t wait to see what he does when he scores twice in one game, is he gonna reach into next week’s game plan and then think of a replacement later or does he not do much, only time will tell it shouldn’t take too long. The defense is the problem here but Marvin lewis does a great job of making them force turnovers , so they will give up lots of yards but make a couple plays a game and with that offense thats all they need.

Prediction – 11-5

3) Pittsburgh Steelers – Yeah they looked great the other day but the were playing the Browns, the pee-wee flag football team down the street from me could put up a good fight against the Browns. The D will still be good but will miss Joey Porter’s play making ability, the offense looks like it will be better and open up more making them harder to stop, this of course could lead to shoot outs something the Steelers aren’t used to, I’m not sure either side is built for shoot outs, they could sneak in as the last wild card but they are just in too tough a division to be placed higher until they prove otherwise.

Prediction – 9-7

4) Cleveland Browns – why 4th you ask ? Cause they are the Cleveland Browns. Easily one of if not THE worst team in football. D is a mess offense is a joke, they just traded away their week 1 starting QB away and it’s only a matter of time to Quinn feels like he is right back at Notre Dame behind one of the worst lines in the country.

Prediction – 4 – 12….if they are lucky


1) Indianapolis Colts – Peyton Manning, Joesph Addai, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark …….nuff said……next.

Prediction – 12-4

2) Jacksonville Jaguars – Assuming the D doesn’t play anything like it did against the Titans, i think they just got caught still sleeping and just weren’t ready, they still aren’t ready for the playoffs but this D has too much talent to not finish second in this division.

Prediction – 9-7

3) Tennessee Titans – If Vince Young had a receiver or 2 to throw it to I would of put them second but he doesn’t. The Titans are the new Falcons they will be very effective running the ball not so much passing, time will change that Young will develop to a solid passing qb but right now he has no one to pass it too. A great o-line will create open holes to run though all day but this D lost their playmaker in Pac-man Jones so expect to see them get abused again and again.

Prediction – 8-8

4) Houston Texans – The D looks like it’s finally becoming respectable, Schaub looked good in the opener ( of course that was against the Chiefs ) Andre Johnson is as dangerous a receiver as anyone, but boy do they wish they had Reggie Bush because Ahman Green isn’t gonna cut it anymore. The team is defintely improving but it’s got too many holes still.

Prediction – 6-10


1) Chargers – L.T. is on the team….that is all i need to know, but it also can;t hurt to mention, Phillip rivers gates, Vincent Jackson, and very dangerous hard hitting defense.

Prediction – 13-3

2) Denver Broncos – Finally it looks like they have their main RB. Travis Henry was built to play for the Broncos, Cutler is in his second year and will definitely show he is grasping how to be an effective pro QB. Javon Walker should have a huge year and be ready for Brandon Marshall to become a household name by years end. The real key to this team is that it has without a doubt the best corner pairing in the league, with Dre Bly on the other side of Champ Bailey teams passing attacks are gonna get shut down, losing Al Wilson will hurt them though cause if teams can’t throw it to the outside the will be running and passing over the middle all day.

Prediction – 11-5

3) Oakland Raiders – Whenever I tell someone the Raiders won’t finish last in their division people laugh at me, that is until i remind them the Chiefs are in their division and the Chiefs might just be the worst team in football. Everyone knows Oakland had a great D problem was the offense, if Culpepper is healthy this team could be really scary and shock the hell out of people, I’m just not convinced he can stay health, but if he can him and Ronald Curry will be putting up some points.

Prediction – 6-10

4) Kansas City Chiefs – Horrible o-line and that was the strength of this team just a coupe years ago. Without an o-line it doesn’t matter who your back is the won’t get anywhere. Damon Huard at QB ? no thanks and Brodie Croyle doesn’t make me anymore excited to watch a Chiefs game, not to mention they still haven;t figured out you need receivers and a good defense, so they haven’t improved anywhere in the last couple years they are just steadily getting worse.

Prediction – 4-12…also if they are lucky


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  1. G7

    good picks. I like them all except Miami v Cleveland. I’m going with the Dolphins on that one.

    Ty, do you keep track of your overall win-loss record? You should have it posted somewhere.

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