NFC East Preview/predictions


1) DALLAS COWBOYS – Yeah I said it, which obviously means I mean it. I hate the Cowboys always have, I think it was the first time someone told me they were America’s team. I couldn’t of been more than 8 years old but that was plenty old enough for me to know I got to choose from any of the teams in America to root for and it damn sure wasn’t gonna be for no Cowboys. So as much as i would love to say T.O will destroy this team ( they cater to him and let him have his way, no reason Romo won’t throw him the ball at least 10 times a game. All this, as long as he is producing, will keep him happy for now ) or that their defense isn’t gonna dominate ( now that they got a real safety, ken Hamlin, to cover for Roy Williams, who is probably the best safety in rushing coverage but god awful is passing situations. DeMarcus Ware in his second year should help this defense dominate in this weak division and well conference ( your gonna hear this a couple more times ).

The only worries are Terrance Newman’s foot needs to hold up, they need him to hold down the secondary, obviously keeping T.O. from going postal, and if Tony Romo doesn’t get rattled and or try to do too much too fast. Last year he got out to a good fast start but slowed down once defenses had seen him on tape a couple times, but if he can put that botched hold behind him and not try to force things early he should have a big year.

Prediction – 11 – 5

2) Philadelphia Eagles – This of course depends on one thing and one thing only, if Donovan F. McNabb can stay healthy, if he then I expect a big year from the Eagles. They lost Stallworth but he wasn’t healthy either most the time, Reggie brown is still there and Kevin Curtis comes in to help him and Baskett along with L.J. Smith at TE, who ought to love having McNabb back. The other problem the Eagles have is their D-line and rush defense. They seem to think losing Trotter will be no big deal, I’m not so sure I agree, in the past whenever the Eagles had trouble stopping the run he was the answer, is Omar Gaither gonna be the answer ? We are gonna have to wait and see but I’m not sold.

Prediction – 10-6

3) New York Giants – Look I know pretty much all my Giant fan friends will say I’m just sipping on some haterade but even as delusional as Giant fans have proven to be in the past I just don’t see how anyone can be excited about this year. As long as Eli is the QB this team is gonna be in trouble, and thats just the beginning. Eli often has good games numbers wise but if you watch you will notice he usually makes a bad throw ( almost always off his back foot, he plays scared not confident ) and Plexico, Toomer or Shockey wind up making a great leaping one handed catch for a big gain instead of 6pts. the other way. I think Shockey will have a strong year based on him finally learning to stop running his mouth and focus on football, maybe he can focus on blocking and not dropping so many passes, but my concerns are with Toomer and Plex, not with their talent but there health. Toomer is getting old and has definitely lost a step not to mention he has an injury history, Plex has been banged up all pre-season which usually wouldn’t bother me but he has always had back problems, thats always scary for a leaping wide receiver and I haven’t even talked about how they are gonna replace Tiki yet.( cause they can’t ) Brandon Jacobs will be good and wear defenses down as they struggle to tackle him but he isn’t a threat in open space like Tiki and much easier to game plan for, Reuben Droughns should be used as the fullback and back-up RB only. Now you ready for the defensive problems ?….I’m gonna do this quick cause theres a lot of problems here, mostly in the secondary, I honestly don’t think I ever saw one play as bad as they did last year and they have done virtually nothing, but cut Will Demps, to make it better. Their D ends still remain their strength and we will have to see if Kiwanuka can adjust to coverage from the LB spot, but this could get ugly, at least Giant fans can be happy this will be Coughlin’s last year here, and probably anywhere as a head coach, the dictator style doesn’t work on these pampered athletes today.

Prediction – 7-9

4) Washington Redskins – Bill Parcells always says you are what your record is, and most the time he is right, at the end of this year though the Redskins will be better than their record says. Jason Campbell might struggle early but once he gets comfortable and really has a handle on the offense I think he is gonna be a damn good QB. He needs Santana Moss to stay healthy ( will never happen for all 16 games lucky if he gets 12 ) and Brandon Lloyd and Randle-El to help Cooley in the passing game. I also don’t expect Portis to stay healthy but that might even be a good thing. Ladell Betts year last year was no fluke and with an upgrade in the o-line, thanks to the Jets stubborness, in Pete Kendall, Betts and if healthy Portis should have no problem hitting those running lanes. The defense has also been improved ( London Fletcher, LaRon Landry ) and it should show but they will be still have too many holes to fill throughout this team and they just won’t be good enough to navigate through their schedule with anything more than 6 or 7 wins at the most but i don’t even see that happening.

Prediction – 5 – 11



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2 responses to “NFC East Preview/predictions

  1. Big Homie

    smh at you having them Cowboys at top and my Skins at the bottom lol

    I know the Skins will do better than that. Portis will probably not play half of the games this year..smh

  2. newjerseydrive

    I hate the Cowboys must I have to be realistic here…I think the Skin will be ok they just have too many holes spread throughout their team, too many ways for them to lose and not enough to win, also one look at their schedule and 5 games sounds about right

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