I know I’m late but congrats Appalachian State

win32.jpgThis was the scene Saturday afternoon in Boone, North Carolina. After Appalachian State stunned the Michigan Wolverines and the world with what is probably the biggest upset in college football history and I loved every second of it ( as I was raised a Notre Dame fan, and yes I realize they got embarrassed as well, but they got embarrassed by a good solid division 1 team and they weren’t even ranked, Michigan was ranked # 5)

Yes Appalachian State has won the national championship the past 2 years in a row, but in division 1-AA. All the big time elite college programs and a whole bunch of decent college programs are all division 1 football teams, that means the best, the elite, no team from division 1-AA should even be able to compete with any division 1 team let alone one that was ranked # 5. Granted it was just a pre-season ranking and obviously Michigan was waaaay overrated but there is no way on earth this should of happened and realistically there is no other top flight college football school this could of happened too.

I say this because of Lloyd Carr just seems like a career underachiever to me,( yes I understand he won a national championship and 5 big ten titles but it should of been more ) I really don’t understand how he is still around. Michigan always starts out the year highly rated and they seem to start off slow and ugly almost every year. ( true not as bad as Saturday but still bad ) One of the best things about college football is that every single game is crucial and just as important as any other, even the very first game of the year, so how when you only play @ 12 games a year how can you possibly send your # 5 ranked team out unprepared to face Appalachian State ? If you lose 1 game in college football your chances of getting a national championship drops greatly, basically you need every one else to lose and probably lose worse than you, as for Michigan this year the have no chance what so ever, they could win the rest of their games by 50 + points they will still be laughed out of the discussion at years end….” but they lost to Appalachian State they can’t possibly be in this discussion ” someone would no doubt say. Michigan probably will bounce back strong like they always do but it will be too little too late, and there just is not enough games or time in a college football season to constantly put yourself behind the proverbial 8 ball at the beginning of every year, so while they can still save their season and capture the big ten championship ( no way it will actually happen, if they can’t beat Appalachian State how could they hope to beat Ohio State or Wisconsin, or even the mess that Charlie Weis calls a football team )

Michigan must fire Carr and get someone who can have his players ready to go week 1 or else they are gonna be dealing with this problem until they do. Luckily for Michigan fans the writing was on the wall before the happened so now I have to imagine there are giant murals painted on the wall for all to see. In the off-season they re-worked his contract so he would still receive 300,000$ in deferred compensation, no matter if he was still coach or not, now I wonder if Michigan is gonna ask for that money back considering they paid Appalachian state 400,000$. just to make the trip to the big house in Ann Arbor. ( yeah the game was in Michigan one of the biggest,loudest toughest places for a visiting team to play ) apparently Michigan felt like giving them more than just money. Trip to Ann Arbor + 400,000$, a victory for Appalachian State over# 5 Michigan = priceless.

Here are a bunch of random quotes I found on blog’s and article predictions before the game had started………all true stories….I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Michigan 42 (seven touchdowns), ASU that’s not Arizona State, 10 (Yeah, yeah … collegiate synchronized swimming crowns a national champion, too).

What happened to the season openers of yore? Washington in 2002, Colorado in 1997, Virginia in 1995, Miami in 1984. They’ve been replaced by Division I-AA foes. Shame. Still, there is nothing that can take away from the excitement of a new season and for me that means starting over in staff picks. Last year I was everybody’s fool (for the betterment of Michigan, The Fort believed). But it’s time to start a new tradition, one in which both U-M and I win each week. Michigan 41, Appalachian State 20.

Not really much to say on Appalachian State, except perhaps making a note of their incredible hotness. Yeah sure, they’ve won the I-AA national championship the last two years. They’ve got some speed at a few positions. But they’ve also been beaten by double-digit margins by some pretty mediocre Division I-A teams over the last few years as well. They’ll give it their all, but this game won’t be close. Michigan 38, Appalachian State 10

( all taken from TheWolverine.com )

whetstonebuck said…
I know this isn’t supposed to be much of a contest, but just for kicks, what sort of self-destruction might you entertain should the Wolverines stumble and “shudder” give this game away. I only ask because the comments on this blog keep me in stitches and I need a good laugh.

Q1Go said…
From my point of view, this is a no-win game. Either we thrash them and look like bullies (and still don’t defy expectations), or the game is close and we’re embarrassed. Or we lose, in which case we all have to kill ourselves.

And there are so much more but I would be going for days if i posted them all.



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6 responses to “I know I’m late but congrats Appalachian State

  1. Headphone_Fiend

    hey do you think u can hook me up with a link to jay electronica as well? nahright is mod’in all my posts, so i cant thru on there 😦 ha
    plz n’ thank you.

  2. newjerseydrive

    whats your email ?

  3. All “THE OhioStateUniversity” fans such as myself pissed ourselves whilst overcome in laughter and joy and we still weren’t half as embarrassed as michigan was…what a great moment…I still hate the wolverines and hope they lose every game…

    *does happy dance*
    Yankees suck…

  4. newjerseydrive

    lmao…….this one i’m with you on…..i hate them damn wolverine’s

    still the yankees are baseball

  5. candyraindrops

    one of the greatest upsets in college football history huh?…LMAO

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