QB’s ( The Rest…Worth Drafting )


7) Jon Kitna – This is whats is so great about fantasy football ( and clearly how it got it’s name ) Jon Kitna is the 7th ranked QB and there is no argument against it. My only problem is he will quite often kill you with throwing interceptions but that just means they will be losing and he will be forced to air it out so he can rack up lots of meaningless yards and touchdowns well after the game has been decided. With Roy Williams and Calvin ” I don’t care how many receivers they drafted this guys a problem ” Johnson and year # 2 running Mike Martz’s offense I see him putting up big #’s each week, I also see the lions still being the lions.

8 – Phillip Rivers – Surprised ? I’m sure some of you are but those same people probably don’t realize that he was the 7th highest scoring QB last year and he should only get better. More trust in him from the coaches, look for Vincent Jackson to play a bigger role all season and give Rivers another option besides Gates or L.T. Norv Turner might not do them any better than Marty did when playoffs come but he should amazingly so, only improve this offense, especially Rivers.

9) Tony Romo – I’m a little torn on Romo. He single handedly saved my season last year, he also turned around and destroyed it in the final 2 weeks. Another Case where year 2 should mean consistent improvement. I think Jay Cutler is probably a bit more talented than Romo but Romo has more dangerous weapons and plays in a much weaker defensive division and conference. The Boys have T.O. Terry Glenn Crayton and Witten at the tight end spot all viable options for Romo to work with, also remember Parcells is gone so look for them to take the training wheels off air it out a little more this year.

10) Jay Cutler – Travis Henry will definitely help this second year QB. The last 4 games of the year he really started to come on strong and look comfortable running the offense. With Javon Walker and Brandon Marshall catching his passes, he should have plenty of games that make me curse out the Jets GM for not drafting him.

11) Matt Hasselbeck – A very underrated QB in both reality and fantasy, he will get his numbers and is the model of consistency when healthy ( which he usually is last year was a fluke injury ) if you missed out on one of the elite QB’s Hasselbeck is a good person to snag or an even better # 2 QB

12) Matt Leinart – People seem to be more torn on how this kid will do than they were last year, but I was impressed with what i saw from him last year. With a god awful o-line and zero running game Leinart did a remarkable job of maintaining and taking what was given to him. Look for the new Coach Wisenhunt to really open things up for him and put him in a position to make plays. With his 2 receivers and a revamped o-line and revitalized Edge as well as one of the leagues easiest schedules Leinart should start to stake his claim as a solid starting fantasy QB.

13) Vince Young – He had a great end to last year no doubt about it, but the Titans are awful this year….yes worse than last year. I expect defenses to figure out how to keep Young bottled up more, so he won’t get near the rushing yards he did last year, and they have no one for him to throw the ball to, or run the ball and take the defenses mind off of Vince. Look for Vince to struggle as this year the Madden curse is just simply that they jumped the gun, on anointing him ready, cause even if he is , his team clearly is not.

The rest of the Top 20 ( i sure hope you got 2 of these guys )

14) Ben Roesthlisburger

15) Eli Manning

16) Alex Smith

17) J.P. Losman

18) Matt Shaub

19) Brett Farve

20) Chad Pennington



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2 responses to “QB’s ( The Rest…Worth Drafting )

  1. LL(not the rappa)

    Congrats Ty…good stuff! I’ll be here from time to time.

  2. newjerseydrive

    word good looks LL

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