The Rest Of The Running Backs


21) Clinton Portis – Should Clinton be higher up on the list ? Sure probably, but realistically speaking of course it’s only a matter of time until he gets hurt, somehow someway he will hurt something. Even if he does stay healthy though he just isn’t THAT great a of a running back. He excelled in Denver but honestly who doesn’t ? Even Ron Dayne avg. 5 yards a carry, granted for only like 50 carries but still we are talking about Ron ” NO Gain ” Dayne. Before he got hurt last year he was having trouble running the ball effectively, once he got hurt Ladell Betts had no problems running the ball effectively, so yeah i have Portis ranked here, but he is on my DON’T DRAFT list, however I’m definitely plotting out my attack on what round i should try and grab Betts

22) Brandon Jacobs – People question if he can be an every down back, I don’t. Yeah he won’t kill you with his speed and quickness and bounce to the outside like Tiki but put whoever in his way and watch him bowl them over. His problem is more Eli, avg. o-line and a leaky faucet of a secondary that will keep the Giants playing from behind, but don’t worry about Rueben Droughns stealing carries, cause he is no Brandon Jacobs

23) Marshawn Lynch – Rookie RB, behind an improved ( how could it not be ) o-line. Last year the Bills line was a mess this year it got some help, they will miss McGahee though. Lynch does not have anywhere near the toughness and power Willis does ( can’t say I’m not worried about an adjustment from soft Pac-10 finesse football team to the AFC EAST) but he is fast and elusive and he will get the lions share of the carries which makes him a solid pick this late.

24) Ladell Betts – ( see Clinton Portis ) The biggest reason I am so low on Portis is cause I am really high on Betts. ( no distorted view of reality ) Betts looked better in that offense than Portis did when he was healthy, yeah Portis will get first crack and might stay healthy but I’d much rather take a flyer on Betts @ rounds 10 or later than draft Portis in the first 2 rounds. Also the redskins didn’t pay Betts big money in the off season just for a back-up even if Portis stays healthy look for Betts to get @ 40 % of the carries.

25) Marion Barber III – Him and Julius Jones will probably share carries, but Barber will be getting the touchdowns and with that offense there should be a lot of them.

26) Jerious Norwood – So no Vick this year, not sure if all of you aware of this or not but Vick has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL I’m not sure what for though no one seems to be talking about it. ( broken sarcasm button ) Ok so no Vick mean Joey Harington, ouch, which means the Falcons only real chance will be if they can run the ball and run it well, they have been the best in the league with Vick but now we shall see, Warrick Dunn will be the back-up this year as Norwood is their future.

27) Brandon Jackson – Forget Verand Morency he is the back-up, the rookie Jackson will be the starter. Green Bay had a decent year last year almost snuck in the playoffs. The o-line should be better along with their D ( which was great last year ) and Farve will still launch it but someone has to run it to keep the D’s off balance and that someone is Jackson.

28) Ahman Green – So Houston could of had Reggie Bush but decided they already had Dominck Davis so they passed on Bush, think they would like a re do ? especially since Davis is nowhere to be found thanks to a year ending knee injury last year, the Texans now have Ahman Green. Give credit to any Texans fans willing to stick it out cause this franchise is a mess.

29 ) DeAngelo Williams – John Fox is playing Mike Shannahan this year, you have no clue who is gonna start when, Williams is the more talented back plain and simple so my guess is he would get the ball slightly more but I’m sure Fox wants to keep it fairly even.

30) Cadillac Williams – Hopefully he moves up this list, by mid season, but if he does it will be by getting more involved in the passing game ( maybe he can be Garcia’s Westbrook ) Talent wise he should be much higher on this list but the Bucs are bad and their o-line is worse, Garcia should help some but he isn’t built for the offense like he was in Philly.

31) Fred Taylor – A great sleeper/steal/value pick. Yeah Taylor always gets hurt and I’m expecting it this year ( although he could surprise me and be one of those injury guys who make it through, theres always a couple, think Westbrook and Pennington last year ) If he can stay healthy he will be a solid back up to keep on the roster, and if Drew gets hurt watch out, Taylor could have a huge year.

32) Chester Taylor – Poor guy would of been top 10 RB if the vikings didn’t draft Petersen, they did so you should too.

33) Julius Jones – See Marion Barber

34) Lamont Jordan – Another guy who talent wise should be way up there ( bets he wishes he stayed with the jets for one more year ) but he plays in Oakland, that pretty much says it all.

35) Jamal Lewis – Just not the same runner he was a couple years ago, and now on the Browns, NEXT.

36) Deshaun Foster – See DeAngelo Williams

37) Leon Washington – You really should only be drafting him if your in a really deep league, and he is your 5th RB, but if Jones gets hurt he could have some huge games, and if you just try and guess a couple times I’m sure you will get lucky cause I guarantee he will break a couple 70+ yard plays for touchdowns through out the year, guessing when will be the tough part.

If they aren’t mentioned they aren’t worth drafting, unless extreme injury situations come up, which is what the waiver wire is all about.
Next up QB’s



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6 responses to “The Rest Of The Running Backs

  1. congrats on setting it up Ty

  2. unga’BUNGA bitch!…i here!
    *daps TB71*

  3. newjerseydrive

    thanks greenie, you have no idea how many problem i had setting this shit up

    crazy88….i expect to see you in here saying all types of random shit on the regular

  4. leon is a homer pic…where is the focking integrity. Clinton might shock and awe…

  5. newjerseydrive

    Leon is a blatant and obvious homer pick….i never reach on homer picks until mad late…and like i said i wouldn’t really draft Leon unless your desperate but i wanted an excuse to talk about him

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