QB’s ( The Big Six )


1) Peyton Manning – What you didn’t expect Vick did you ? I honestly think Peyton’s #’s will dip a little and Palmer’s could go up but Peyton is still the # 1 pick. Now I say that I think his #’s will drop not cause I’m a Peyton hater, ( which i am, more on that throughout the season ) but because i expect the Colts to continue what they started last year and slow down the offense and run the ball more this year to mask the weakness on D. Now there still is the chance that the D turns out to be so bad that they have to go the other way and air it out as much as possible because the D keeps giving up points, either way you can’t go wrong with Peyton.

2) Carson Palmer –  The knee is 100 % healthy this year and his confidence will be evident and it will definitely help this offense pick up where it left off last year, no slow start for them this year with Palmer, and his 2 star receivers they should be set to take off from the beginning.

3) Tom Brady – I thought about Brees here but I think Brady will be more consistent, I expect more up and downs from Brees and less from Brady. Brady put up huge #’s last year with Reche Caldwell as their best receiver, forget Moss ( I did he can only hurt the Pats ), Stallworth and Wes Welker will be what helps Brady take over the #3 spot and be ready for lots of touchdowns to that little slot receiver Wes Welker.

4) Drew Brees – The other reason I had Brady ahead of him…. didn’t last season seem waaay too perfect and storybook like ? These still are the Saints right ? Look I’m not trying to jinx the guy but it just seems like it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong and the regress into , well the Saints. Of course he has weapons all over the place ( Bush, Colston, Henderson, Copper ) so if he can stay healthy and avoid any curse of the Saints he will put up gi-normous #’s.

5) Marc Bulger – The always underrated Marc Bulger, he stays putting up #’s ( last year he was the 3rd highest rated QB ) year after year and year after year people sleep on him when it comes to draft time. This year he has a couple more weapons at his disposle ( Randy McMichael and Drew Bennett ) and the D is still a mess so be ready for lots of shoot-outs and new ways for them to get Steven Jackson even more involved in the passing game.

6) Donovan Mcnabb – If this guy didn’t stay getting hurt or puking on the field he would be higher on the list. Last year he had 200 fantasy points ( 10th most not including Vick ) in only 10 games. ( which means he would of slightly outscored Peyton at that pace ) This year he has something to prove and if he stays healthy Eagles fans will quickly forget all about Garcia, and the Eagles will go back to passing the ball almost near 80% of the game. If your convinced he will make it through the year than have you should have no issues taking him top 3, but if you do draft him make sure you take a back-up a couple rounds earlier than normal just in case he does get hurt.



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2 responses to “QB’s ( The Big Six )

  1. spanish jay

    i drafted vick as my qb

  2. newjerseydrive

    …..lmao…spanish jay, ladies and gentleman, spanish jay….

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