Running Backs ( # 6 – 10 )


6) Travis Henry – Finally Denver has a solid clear cut # 1 back, who is really a perfect fit for Denver’s zone blocking schemes. Denver has always had a great running game but it has had platoons ever since they traded away Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey ( sidenote : a great trade for the broncos ) Henry’s only real question is injuries ( already had a scare in pre-season but he looks to be fine for the season opener ) With Denver’s D and Cutler improving and creating lanes for Henry, if he can stay healthy I expect 2,000 + yards easy.

7) Willie Parker – I admit I wasn’t that high on him this year at all until I did some digging and found out he was the 5th highest scoring RB last year. The Steelers were a mess for most of last year, Big Ben is healthy and should look to spread the ball around a lot more. Parker might lose some touches in a couple games but like Steven Jackson i think he will make it up with his production.

8 ) Brian Westbrook – Just one problem and you know what it is. Yeah ok he played 14 games for the first time in his career last year, but the problem was atleast half of those games he was listed as questionable up until kickoff….leaving you to wonder is he gonna start, play at all ? Will he be effective if he does play ? how hurt is he and god damnit why can’t i ever get a straight answer from anyone ? So you struggle with should I bench him and start a back-up or start him and hope for my 20 + points ( after all that is why i drafted him right ? ) Exactly why I always say you want consistency from your top pick, if you have to think about not playing him each and every week, no matter the reason, you don’t want him as your first pick. Also if Mcnabb stays healthy expect the Eagles to go back to old form and pass the ball about 70 – 80 % of the time, Mcnabb’s #’s will be huge but most of Westbrook’s point will come through the air, of course if your in a PPR ( points per receptions ) league than Westbrook, Bush and Maurice Jones-Drew jump way up this list.

9) Shaun Alexander – Alexander is another one I’m not high on. For the record people laughed at me last year when i said that, sure maybe i didn’t predict the foot injury but i did realize they would desperately miss guard Steve Hutchinson and I was right. ( of course he really helped turn the Viking’s o-line to among the best in the NFC, so if your thinking of drafting Adrian Petersen later remember that ) Supposedly his foot is healed but I’m always a little nervous when someone turns to prayer instead of surgery to fix broken bones, but hey thats just me, maybe I’m bugging out maybe I’m on a spaceship (c) Joe Budden. Now i still have him at # 9 so he must have something going for him right ? Yeah he does the play in the NFC in a weak division and they should be a playoff team winning @ 10 games with Alexander paving the way so why I don’t think he will come close to his production 2 years ago he should be back to top 10 form.

10) Rudi Johnson – So Rudi has been the model of consistency over the last 3 years. In his past 3 seasons he has had at least 1,4000 yards and 12 TD’s each year. Of course I owned him on my team early last year in his really only downtime but whatever whatever whatever. (c) ghostface He is on a high powered machine of an offense and i don’t see any slow starts this year . With Palmer’s knee healthy, D’s having to respect Housh and Chad there will be plenty of room for Rudi to run and theres no reason he can’t match those #’s for the 4th straight year.


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