Running Backs ( # 1-5 )


1) L.T. – Nuff said, if you need more of an explanation, holla at me for a tutoring session, where i can explain the basics of fantasy football to you, you know like FANTASY FOOTBALL RULE # 1 DRAFT L.T.

2) Steven Jackson – I can’t believe people still like LJ here, to them i say wanna join one of my leagues ? I’m always looking for easy money. I actually expect Jackson to match or even out do his performance from last year. With the additions of Drew Bennett, Randy McMichael, and Brain Leonard, Jackson might get a few less touches but it should only open up the field for him to make bigger plays when he does get the ball and that will still be quite often, i refer you back to the link i left in the last thread where Jackson is projected to get @ 399 touches this year, only L.T. is projected to get more.

3) Joesph Addai – Last year Addai had only 52 % of the colts carries and still finished in the top 10 – 12 RB’s, this year he is all alone as Dominic Rhodes is in Oakland, theres alot of talk about Anthony Gonzalez becoming the new Brandon Stokley and getting that offense back to 2004 form, and why i do expect Gonzalez to fufill that role i think the Colts know they have to focus more on running and ball control so they can mask their problems on defense ( yeah i know the D was why they won the playoffs and super bowl , they also lost half their D, Cato June, Nick Harper, Mike Doss, Corey Simon, and Booger ) The Colts also lost LT Tarick Glenn to retirement just a couple weeks ago, but that should hurt manning and his backside ( multi-pause ) more than anything else. They still have a good solid line for Addai to run behind obviously a great QB with great weapons everywhere to spread the field and prevent any D’s from stacking the box, look for him to get more catches out of the back field this year and obviously more carries. Every year someone from the pack breaks out to become an elite back, ( frank gore last year ) you could argue Addai started it last year, this year he will complete that misson. )

4) Frank Gore – At the very end of last year i thought he would be the # 3 pick. The departure of Norv turner sets the whole offense back 2 steps, luckily for them they are a much more talented football team in every way this year. New and improved D, Darrell Jackson and a healthy Veron Davis to help the young and improving Alex smith. If the knee holds up expect a big year, but even if he out does last years #’s that just means he would of done THAT much better with Norv still calling the plays ( of course this only helps L.T. even more, like he needed any more help. )

5) Larry Johnson – But I’m trading it asap, hopefully i could swap him with someone’s # 1 pick and either a 3rd or 4th rounder, or wait until someones starter gets hurt and rape their roster. For the record Gore isn’t the last RB I expect to out do LJ, just the last one i can sanely draft ahead of him, because the other Rb’s i like are going later in the round and the ones going in this range I am trying to avoid for the most part. ( more on that later ) As for Larry, yes he was a monster 2 years ago and even last year but he has been since run into the ground on repeat. His o-line is a shell of what it was 2 years ago and even worse than last year, the QB situation isn’t any better with Green gone, they have to turn to the inexperienced Brodie Croyle, with an old Tony Gonzo and a weak receiving core to work with, so i fail to see what is gonna stop a D from stacking the box with 8 – 9 guys and plowing through that line. Last year he avg. 3.5 ypc., i don’t see that improving much and now that they paid him big bucks they will limit his touches a little from last year, not to mention their horrible D and the fact that they have to play a playoff schedule in a D heavy division, all this means bad news for anyone planning on drafting LJ.



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4 responses to “Running Backs ( # 1-5 )

  1. There’s no way Larry Johnson should be in the top 10. He will be injured by week 3 I promise you!!

  2. newjerseydrive

    co-sign x-facta……but you have to get him and use his value, trade him away to one of his believers for waaaay too much, there are still many out there

  3. yo, you probably don’t have to play the disclaimer game here…man in tights…it’s football…shit is implied. Too much of it can take away from what you are actually writing…especially when it’s informative. IMO.

  4. newjerseydrive

    yo, you probably don’t have to play the disclaimer game here…man in tights…it’s football…shit is implied. Too much of it can take away from what you are actually writing…especially when it’s informative. IMO.

    ….duley (sp ? ) noted…..

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