Fantasy Football ( keys to draft )


fb_aahl161_16x20.jpg Yes sir, it’s that time of year again. Football season, finally Sundays are back to being the best day of the week and to make them and each and every football game THAT much better, along time ago some real man of genius ( no bud light drinker ) created fantasy football. It took me awhile before I allowed myself to be talked into a fantasy league but once I did I was hooked. I found myself spending half my day at work trying to figure out possible trade offers to make, some not even with any real purpose other than i was bored ( not recommended for winning your league but great way to kill time all week long), and looking forward to the week ahead and OVER thinking who to play and who to bench or pick up off the waiver wire based on that week’s match-ups. On that note my first rule is don’t over think yourself, especially with your elite players, start them every week thats why you drafted them so high. Over the next couple days I’m gonna go over the QB’s, WR’s & TE’s and briefly touch on defenses and kickers. ( mainly ignore them till right before kickoff ) but today we are gonna focus on the hands down most important position in fantasy football and that is the RB. In real football the QB is by far the most important position, this of course means absolutely nothing in fantasy football, fantasy football is all about your running backs for a couple different reasons.

A) RB’s, especially the elite ones are usually at the top of the leader board ( last year 22 of the top 50 scorers were RB’s ) and are your most consistent players. receivers are more up and down each week and must rely on the QB and situations more than RB’s, if you draft an elite back ( barring injury ) he is less likely to let you down each week.

B) There are only a handful of elite backs, and standard leagues start 2 each week so you want 2 studs, ( pause ) not Steven Jackson and Lamont Jordan. The real reason you need to get RB’s early is cause thats what mostly everyone else is doing ( anyone who wants to win at least ) and you can think you wanna have the best at every other position all you want, and it might sound ok until you realize your starting Cadillac Williams and Brandon Jacobs. I don’t care who you have, where, you will not be winning anything with those as your starting 2 RB’s. Last year L.T. outscored everyone else by @ 100 points, so draft him if you can, then you had Steven Jackson and L.J. @ 50 points ahead of the 4th and 5th RB’s , who is then ahead of the 10th ranked RB ( Duece ) by @ 75 points, So if you can follow that convoluted trail you see what I’m saying is get your RB’s before the drop-off gets too big.

C) You want a RB who is a starter on his team and preferably one with little competition, now thats not to say there aren’t great fantasy options out there that are part of a platoon, but if your struggling with picking between Willis McGahee or Maurice Jones-Drew, just remember McGahee will likely be getting @ 100 more touches or so than Drew throughout the year ( ) , because Drew will have to split his carries 3 ways this year, which is 2 more than McGahee. Now a days it’s great football strategy to have 2 quality backs ( Duece and Bush ), this of course kills their fantasy value, however it can lead to great sleeper picks if your convinced one guy will be hurt or under perform. Grab Maurice Jones-Drew ( obviously after McGahee but before starters such as DeAngelo Williams ) Fred Taylor will get hurt at some point in the year, also shy away from Portis, he stays getting hurt, this will open the door for you to get a great sleeper with Ladell Betts late in the draft ( go ahead and reach on him a round or 2 early he will be worth it, more on that later )


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